Human Awareness

Challenge series hosted by Kokeen4231. Challenges start on Fridays.
This series aims to bring knowledge perspects from different parts of the world to create awareness of different lifestyles and issues. The focus would be on the human/man-made objects. People, architecture,sports...
Finished (38 challenges)
Entries: 39
Winners announced: 12th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: no winner
The middle east is a region rich in history and culture. It's the birthplace of many religions and has an underlying beauty. A beauty unique only to itself. The pyramids of Egypt, the streets of Jerusalem, the tranquillity of the dead sea... This challenge is a pretty general one. It aims to uncover the beauty of the middle east. It could be landscapes, street photos... As long as it is in...
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 11th March, 2016 GMT
Winner: Beauty and Her Beasty Beau!
The photo should contain two main subjects. One that represents the beauty and the other, the beast. Let your creativity flow! Ill be interested to see what you guys have in store!
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 4th March, 2016 GMT
Winner: Savonlinna, Eastern Finland
Submit a pic that represents your country! Could be a majestic landmark, a traditional festival or simply the unique streets of your home town. As long as it embodies that patriotic spirit of yours!
35. Sports
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 23rd May, 2014 GMT
Winner: Dwain
Theres just so much to capture in sports. The pain on an athletes face, the brief moment a runners feet are both off the ground, the classic position of a swimmer doing the butterfly stroke... This challenge is dedicated to any photos whereby sports is clearly present in the picture.
34. Fire
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 16th May, 2014 GMT
Winner: Fire
Any photos got to do with fire is allowed. Fireworks, speckles, candles... So bring out the beauty of fire in this challenge! cliche but nonetheless still a unique subject
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 2nd May, 2014 GMT
Winner: Atlantic Puffin on final approach to burrow
Follow up to a very successful challenge long ago - Birding(No BIF). But this time, the number of entries allowed would be strictly limited to 100. Nows heres the chance to flaunt your birds in flight photos! I guess it is a total diff set of skills from photographing still birds. The photo can contain more than one bird.
32. Concert
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 25th April, 2014 GMT
Winner: no winner
Submit photos of concerts, any sort. Plays, musicals... Your target can be a single performer, the whole stage or the whole theatre. They're all accepted. As long as the photo is clear it is a concert.
Entries: 14
Winners announced: 11th April, 2014 GMT
Due to the small sensors in mobile phones, capturing clean images at night is gonna be tough. But lets see whats the best we can do!
30. Muscles!
Entries: 23
Winners announced: 23rd August, 2013 GMT
Winner: hail caesar
Submit pictures of people with great muscles! It can be candid, it can be set up. As long as the photo shows at least the upper body.
Entries: 8
Winners announced: 9th August, 2013 GMT
Winner: The color run
As the title says it, submit photos or large crowds taken by mobile phones. Tablets are allowed too.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 2nd August, 2013 GMT
Winner: Girl lovers...
What do women like to do when they think no one is watching? Show us the answer in your photos. Of course, please do not invade too much into their privacy.
27. Spy: Male
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 26th July, 2013 GMT
Winner: My sweet pleasure
What do Men like to do when they think no one is watching? Boys are allowed here too, and the photo can contain a group of men. Please do respect peoples privacy though.
26. Lifestyle
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 19th July, 2013 GMT
Winner: Country girl
Photos her are meant to portray a lifestyle of a person. The photo must have that person present in it.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 12th July, 2013 GMT
Winner: God's Country
Submit pictures of nature taken with your mobile phone. Try to minimise the amount of man made objects in the photo. Aim to achieve an all- natural photo.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 5th July, 2013 GMT
Winner: harishvaradhan
Submit photos taken by your mobile phone which includes water. Try to come up with interesting water shots. The main challenge here is to use a phone to capture it.
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 28th June, 2013 GMT
Winner: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
This challenge is dedicated to outdoor photos with people who are stylishly or uniquely dressed in it. The subject must not be posing for the shot.
22. Paparazzi
Entries: 21
Winners announced: 14th June, 2013 GMT
Winner: Beyonce
This challenge is for pictures of celebrities.(Actors and singers only) They do not need to be world famous. As long as they have an album or have acted in a movie.
21. Chasing
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 31st May, 2013 GMT
Winner: Wahine Rodeo
Your photo just needs to show one object chasing another. Whether its human or animal, chasing for fun or not, they are all accepted.
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 17th May, 2013 GMT
Winner: Flowers behind curtain
Ever walked past a house and the silhouette through the window curtains was so prominent that you decided to take a pic? Heres the challenge for such photos.
Entries: 21
Winners announced: 10th May, 2013 GMT
Winner: no winner
Submit photos exposing the wrong doings of others. You are supposed to capture the moment of people doing something they shouldn't be doing, like pickpocketing or stealing. The subject has to be sneaky, not openly in action like robbing.
18. Shocked
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 3rd May, 2013 GMT
Winner: Terrified
Submit photos of people who are shocked upon realising you are there taking their photo. The subject must be looking at the camera.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 26th April, 2013 GMT
Winner: Alaskan Brown Bear
Pictures must showcase a moment of conflict. Whether verbal or in action, the photo must be clear there is a conflict of some sort. Please ensure though there is not too much violence shown.
Entries: 44
Winners announced: 19th April, 2013 GMT
Winner: Beggar, Phnom Penh
Capture clearly someone who seems desperate, urgent or even worried. The emotion must show strongly on their face or body action. The photo may include more than one person.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 12th April, 2013 GMT
Winner: Living Dangerously
Submit a photo which contains a person as the subject doing something that he or she thinks no one is watching them do so. It must be clear in the photo the subject thinks no one is watching and is unaware that you are there taking the photo.
Entries: 70
Winners announced: 5th April, 2013 GMT
Winner: Last train in daylight on winter's afternoon
Submit pictures of silhouettes. Any form of silhouettes are allowed. Humans, boats...
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 29th March, 2013 GMT
Winner: Hidden Alley
Submit a picture which you secretly shot. Perhaps something you should not be seeing or something whereby if the subject found out you would be in 'trouble'. Please ensure though that the photos are not too vulgar.
Entries: 199
Winners announced: 22nd March, 2013 GMT
Winner: Silver-breasted Broadbill
This challenge is dedicated to pictures of birds not in flight. The aim is to find out who has the best stealth to capture birds when they are still. One or more birds can be present.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 15th March, 2013 GMT
Winner: Do not disturb ...
Capture the moment when someone would surely have preferred not to have been photograph. Please do still respect peoples privacy and note that this challenge is on a fun note.
Entries: 121
Winners announced: 8th March, 2013 GMT
Winner: Alternate Worlds Collide
Show a photo which was taken with the camera pointing upwards or downwards. The important thing here is that there must be at least one person in the photo. So it can be a fun shot, a modeling shot or an artistic one.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 1st March, 2013 GMT
Winner: Unpolite Duck
Ever took a great photo only to realise later on there was something in the back or side(or something about the subject) photo that spoiled the picture? And you could not edit it away? Perhaps theres some unglamorous scene you did not intend to capture that appeared in the back. Submit it here and show us what could have been a very pleasant photo.
Entries: 144
Winners announced: 22nd February, 2013 GMT
Winner: Tulip Staircase
What can you only see from below or above? Submit a photo taken with the shot directed upwards or downwards only.
Entries: 170
Winners announced: 15th February, 2013 GMT
Winner: SPLASH...!!
Ever took a candid outside shot of someone and the photo turned out so good as if it was a properly composited shot from a studio? This challenge is for photos of people with their natural expression. The expression should come out strong and the upper half of the body the main focus of the picture. So try not to show too much surroundings.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 8th February, 2013 GMT
Winner: The shepherd
Peoples behaviour nowadays are different from the past. Capture a moment which shows a modern aspects. E.g. constantly glued to their phone, being more open by dressing more revealingly...
5. Tailing
Entries: 131
Winners announced: 25th January, 2013 GMT
Winner: Fast Food
If you ever tailed or sneaked up to any sort of animals(or people) to capture the shot you want, then this is the challenge for you. The shot must be an up close shot (the object fills at least 75% of photo).
Entries: 200
Winners announced: 18th January, 2013 GMT
Winner: Free Shampoo!
Basically, this requires a photo where you are secretly shooting. There must be a person in the photo and the person must not know you are taking the photo.
Entries: 27
Winners announced: 11th January, 2013 GMT
Winner: no winner
Submit a photo which shows the 'impossible' being done whether through hardwork or practice.
Entries: 15
Winners announced: 4th January, 2013 GMT
Winner: Teacher-Student Relationship
Here's a chance to submit a picture of a teacher and a student together. For example a teacher caring for a student. Please no undesirable pictures like abuse. It need not be an academic teacher. A music teacher or any others are allowed too.
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 28th December, 2012 GMT
Winner: old memories
In this challenge, one must capture the moment whereby two people reunite. It can be negative too whereby there a staredown etc.