Unique Landscapes and Outdoor Images

Challenge series hosted by camcom12. Challenges start on Fridays.
Images of dreamy or stark landscapes, and unique natural & man-made places and things, usually found in a rural, park, or wilderness settings.
Finished (2 challenges)
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 16th November, 2012 GMT
Winner: The Wave
These images are places in our natural world that are weird, unique or seemingly un-natural, but were actually created by wind, water, ice, earth movement, erosion, animals, or even chemically-reactive natural processes.
Entries: 125
Winners announced: 9th November, 2012 GMT
Winner: nice pathway in fog, nova scotia
Have you ever walked or hiked on an exceptionally beautiful trail or pathway, one the that evokes a memory from a scene in a novel, movie or painting? Well if you did, and you captured it, then put you best image(s) here. We're looking for the beauty of the place, the colors, the surroundings, above and all around. Preferred are images of natural places, with little or no human-made...