The Power of Editing

Challenge series hosted by sagebrushfire. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
What we often call "post processing" here is actually a small part of a completely different type of art. Photo-manipulation is deeply rooted in photography itself. There are some who look down on any kind of photo editing but it's undeniable that it has its place in society and a major foothold in the commercial art industry today. For this series I want to explore the various digital manipulation talents of our members and hopefully get help some digital artists get there work out in a photography-dominated forum. There's a whole world of possibilities in digital editing and while those talents can certainly be miss used, they can produce some amazing artwork.
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Entries: 49
Winners announced: 30th January, 2013 GMT
Winner: a yosemite sunrise
This is the most common use of HDR. Can you take advantage of multiple exposures to create a colorful landscape with a wide dynamic range? Use your photography and editing skills to create a landscape that has a a classic HDR look, specifically it should have a high dynamic range and NO areas of unnecessarily blown highlights or blackened shadows. Use of multiple exposure is not 100%...
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 5th December, 2012 GMT
Winner: Rush Hour
This challenge will really put your creative muscles to work. Take a picture of a NON-UNDERWATER SCENE and make it look like it was under water. You can layer actual underwater scenes, you can play with distortion, burring or color, anything you need to give us the appearance of being underwater. Extra cool points if you find a way to use a 3D program for this (they have free trials,...
Entries: 113
Winners announced: 26th September, 2012 GMT
Winner: Mountain tones
One of my favorite editing techniques is toning my shadows and highlights to two distinct colors - it can give a fantasy feel or the appearance of an old image when mixed with some grain. Your image must be primarily 2 different colors. You may use this effect as a compliment to your color images or ton your black and white images.
Entries: 19
Winners announced: 29th August, 2012 GMT
Winner: Quit Fidgeting!
This one is simple: Take a photo with 2+ subjects in it and switch around their faces. Alternatively you may switch any body parts around but faces will have the most impact. Make it funny or make it subtle, the choice is yours!
Entries: 57
Winners announced: 15th August, 2012 GMT
Winner: I'll be waiting right here
This challenge is simple: Take a picture of a model (Human, Animal, Statue, I don't care) and transplant it onto a new background. Place your images side by side or one on top of the other so we can see a before and after. Try to keep submissions under 4MB; under 2MB is even better. That's it! The voters will judge you, I will only disqualify if you don't include a before/after...
Entries: 78
Winners announced: 1st August, 2012 GMT
Winner: Boating3
The goal of this contest is to produce an amazing image using ANY Tools necessary. The subject matter can vary but the important part is that you title your work and give a good explanation of what kind of digital tools you used to make your picture amazing. The more surreal your image the better. This is all about editing to the nth degree. Create an image that takes real photographic...