In the Moment of Chance

Challenge series hosted by aleatory. Challenges start on Mondays.
Being in the moment of chance is a theme that plays a role when the observer is synchronized with his or her experience. Photographing an element of unplanned output is the game. This may include elements of gazing, when forms from the abstract become clearly distinguishable. Examples of this may include forms expressed via fire flames, clouds, water, smoke and other mediums that are very sensitive in dynamics to both physical and sometimes ethereal parameters. Forms may also be in a static state of which a prior dynamic of chance formed it to something distinguishable. Examples of this may include formed ice, snow, rocks, sand and your breakfast toast.
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Entries: 34
Winners announced: 24th September, 2012 GMT
Winner: Tropical Fish ?
Light, especially flickering light out of focus can be a subject used for seering / scrying. While those outputs rely on the subconscious projections, incidental imperfections between the light subject, lens and sensor can yeld an unexpected capture of an interesting form. Submit any out of focus photos of a subject of light that resembles a form we can identify as something that the...
Entries: 73
Winners announced: 3rd September, 2012 GMT
Winner: Chewbaka Side lite
Submit any captures that are of abstract incidental medium(not controlled) of shapes and forms we can identify as a living subject, place, thing or spirit. Examples include clouds that resemble a car, water turbulance that resembles a hat, smoke that resembles a dog, fire that resembles a vampire, etc. Unlike previous challenges "In the Moment of Chance" any entries that are outside of the...
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 13th August, 2012 GMT
Winner: [I] See the speed
Light and delayed shutter can provide some indeterminate results that express subjects, objects and features we can relate, whether or not the parameters were controlled. I advise submitters to identify in the title with the marker [I] or [C] to indicate whether the photograph was taken incidentally or with controlled parameters. For example if you produced and waved light in front of the...
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 30th July, 2012 GMT
Winner: Ring of Fire
Fire is an intriguing element of nature that is extremely sensitive to environmental variables. Some of these variables may be identified as astrological or ethereal, while others maintain the incidental clause. However your mode of frame, the objective is to submit for display photographs that demonstrate abstract forms from flames that become distinguishable as something people can...