Taj Mahal Series

Challenge series hosted by rgsverma. Challenges start on Fridays.
Taj Mahal under different moods. the monument at Agra goes to different moods in different times of the seasons nd days. One has to capture the right moment here!
Finished (2 challenges)
Entries: 4
Winners announced: 6th July, 2012 GMT
Winner: Taj Mahal at night
Taj Mahal at agra, India, during night, after sunset and before sunrise. No day pictures please. Pictures with human or living (birds etc) backdrops will be given weightage.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 29th June, 2012 GMT
Winner: Sunrise at the Taj..
Taj Mahal is one of the widely known, UNESCO acclaimed world heritage monument. It is the culmination of all sort of stories and mysteries which has transformed it into an amazing architectural wonder. It passes through different moods on every day, rather minute, or even seconds. It has several moods according to weather and times of the days and activities around. Capture the various yet...