Challenge series hosted by Sammo22. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
Everything has been created. From Mountains to Lakes, People and Animals. The Series is to show off the different Creation aspects of the incredible world in which we live.
Finished (4 challenges)
4. Clouds
Entries: 400
Winners announced: 24th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Gust Front
Clouds are always different and ever changing. Show us an interesting/beautiful/unique image which showcases the splendor of the clouds above.
Entries: 417
Winners announced: 24th June, 2009 GMT
Winner: underneath the leaf
Another macro challenge but with a focus on bokeh. Post you most spectacular macro image with an out of focus, blurry and silky smooth bokeh background. The subject mater is limited to Nature, so only plant, flowers, insects etc. etc.
Entries: 194
Winners announced: 17th June, 2009 GMT
Winner: Sunset at Latravik, Iceland
This challenge is all about capturing waterfalls with the dreamy water effect. Post up any shot showing this classic technique at it's best.
Entries: 363
Winners announced: 10th June, 2009 GMT
Winner: An honour to Vivaldi
A snowy mountain scene, a park covered with colourful leaves, new flower buds opening, the aim of this Challenge is to post a photo that clearly shows one of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.