What A Wonderful World

Challenge series hosted by EvokeEmotion. Challenges start on Saturdays.
Images that remind us why it is good to be alive.
Finished (18 challenges)
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 12th April, 2014 GMT
Winner: Delicate Arch Sunrise, Arches NP
I love the scenaries of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona! Let's get a mini-series going for one of the most beautiful regions in the world. This week, show us images taken in any one or more of the five magnificent National Parks of Utah: Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 5th April, 2014 GMT
Winner: Landscape
As the saying goes, the best camera is the camera you have with you. Often times, it's the much maligned mobile phone camera. But have you captured an image so impressive, it looks like it was taken with a much better spec'ed camera? Show us an image so good, others would need to look at the EXIF to tell it was done with a mobile phone camera.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 8th March, 2014 GMT
Winner: Black and white Ruffed Lemurs
This is not a black and white photo challenge in the usual sense. I'm looking for portraits of animals with both black and white colors over a significant portion of their exterior. Other colors are allowed, as long as they are a distant third, percentage wise. So... Orcas are in, polar bears are out. Penguins are in, ravens are out. Giant pandas are in ... and so on.
Entries: 18
Winners announced: 1st March, 2014 GMT
Winner: Abbazia di San Galgano
360 degree circular fisheye images. Any non-offensive theme. See additional processing rules.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 22nd February, 2014 GMT
Winner: City Monotony Broken By Circles
Cityscape images taken with a fish eye lens. Non-circular FE images only (I will have a challenge for circular FE images later).
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 15th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: 5M3_3251_CC-1-E
Landscape images taken with a fish eye lens. Non-circular FE images only (I will have a challenge for circular FE images later).
Entries: 34
Winners announced: 8th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: Bath
Images taken with a fish eye lens. Portraits of humans or animals. Non-circular FE images only (I will have a challenge for circular FE images later).
Entries: 44
Winners announced: 18th January, 2014 GMT
Winner: Hong Kong Harbour
Images taken in Hong Kong after dark.
Entries: 34
Winners announced: 11th January, 2014 GMT
Winner: View from the John Hancock Center, Chicago
Images taken in the city of Chicago after dark.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 26th May, 2012 GMT
Winner: Holiday
Show us your best fireworks image.
Entries: 8
Winners announced: 19th May, 2012 GMT
Winner: Aurora borealis
You won't see me post a sample image for this challenge, because I don't have any. And I envy those of you who do. Show me what you have. Might just convince me to go to Alaska again.
Entries: 29
Winners announced: 12th May, 2012 GMT
Winner: Príncipe Felipe Science Museum - Valencia
Your best image of any museum, shot after dark.
Entries: 22
Winners announced: 5th May, 2012 GMT
Winner: Spacetime
Show us your best star trail image.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 28th April, 2012 GMT
Winner: Pennyback Bride
Show us images of vehicle light trails. Headlights, taillights, side markers, turn signals, red, amber, yellow, white, blue, anything goes. As long as they are emited by any vehicle; planes, trains, automobiles, and others.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 21st April, 2012 GMT
Winner: Arches National Park - Moab, Utah
Do you head towards the park entrance/exit after the obligatory sunset shots? Or do you stick around? Show us your best picture taken within a national park boundary after dark. *NO STAR TRAILS, please. I would like to have a separate challenge just for star trails.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 14th April, 2012 GMT
Winner: miami_6360b
Show us an image of a big city after dark, from any elevation, anywhere in the world.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 7th April, 2012 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Images of people working after dark.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 31st March, 2012 GMT
Winner: Nightscape @ Kuwait City
Bird eye's view of a big city, anywhere in the world, after dark. Let's leave intimate shots of street corners to another challenge. Show us the 'bigness' of the city.