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Challenges that have to do with all that the art of Photography has to do! Landscape, sports, everyday life, portrait, action, extreme, travel, strange, mystery and all you can point and shoot with a camera lens!
Finished (3 challenges)
Entries: 26
Winners announced: 17th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: Greek ship
Ship wrecks is a famous subject for photographers and probably the most famous for those that are dealing with underwater shooting. For all the others, a ship wreck is a source of pollution and a death trap for divers. So, take your equipment and give us the artistic point of view of a ship wreck!
Entries: 105
Winners announced: 27th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: Orient Angel
Pictures of cargo ships are tankers, container ships, general cargo ships, roll on/off ships and they are not passenger ships, ferry boats, fishing boats, tug boats, speed boats, sailing boats, yachts, cruisers, zodiacs or warfare/coast guard ships.
Entries: 90
Winners announced: 4th August, 2009 GMT
Winner: Virgin Atlantic 747-400 and the Red Arrows
Pictures of passenger/cargo airplanes while flying, landing, rolling, take off or standing. Make sure that no obstacle covers any part of the airplane, such as stairs, jetways, vehicles or buildings.