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Winners announced: 19th November, 2012 GMT
Winner: Shanghai Wedding
add your best , craziest wedding photo .
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Winners announced: 20th February, 2012 GMT
Winner: Dpression
depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. show us picture that show depression...
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Winners announced: 3rd October, 2011 GMT
Winner: Like a feather
post your best picture in your pov ..
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Winners announced: 4th July, 2011 GMT
any shot taken by d40x
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Winners announced: 16th May, 2011 GMT
Winner: IMG_0301
friends , in love , married etc .. just human please
29. Hotels ..
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Winners announced: 25th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Atrium at Grand Hyatt
From Architecture POV ...
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Winners announced: 18th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: 360 Pannorama
From Architecture POV please ..
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Winners announced: 11th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Monastery Bedroom
From Architecture POV please ..
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Winners announced: 4th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Plaza de Espana - Walkway Handrail
show us architecture details .. any details windows , doors , roofs , slabs , finishes ... anything
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Winners announced: 14th February, 2011 GMT
Winner: Icon
how us the best apartment from your pov .. please no gothic or Beaux-Arts architecture or any old style please ..
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Winners announced: 17th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: no winner
show us best shots for beautiful kitchen..
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Winners announced: 10th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands
beautiful bathrooms ..
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Winners announced: 3rd January, 2011 GMT
Winner: safranbolu eski hamam
show us buildings interior using your camera and just natural light .. no flash no other source of light but a window or door or skylight ..
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Winners announced: 27th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Here they are...
The Pyramids .. in egypt
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Winners announced: 20th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: O'Hare
Airpotrs... from architectural point of view please ..
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Winners announced: 13th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Foggy evening in Chicago
any shot for skyscrapers ( exterior only )
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Winners announced: 6th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: IMG_1695s
show us your best shot you've taken to islamic architecture in egypt ..
Entries: 328
Winners announced: 29th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Old Town
Show us how to you see old buildings ..
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Winners announced: 22nd November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Reine Rorbuer
post shots taken for buildings and architecture in general at night ..
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Winners announced: 1st November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Green
show us the beauty of green architecture ..
Entries: 219
Winners announced: 19th April, 2010 GMT
Winner: Calatrava
its about museums and cultural centers .. please show us your best shot for the interior and exteriors ..
13. Subaru
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Winners announced: 15th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Subaru
About Subaru
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Winners announced: 8th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Star in fall
it's all about Mercedes-Benz , Elegance , Power and comfort this is what Mercedes-Benz is known for . In 1886, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz revolutionised the concept of individual mobility. Mercedes-Benz has been setting milestones in automotive development ever since. well i find mercedes-Benz the best car maker ever i really hope to get one .. so show us your best shot for Mercedes-Benz...
Entries: 106
Winners announced: 1st March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Cloud Machine
a rest from architecture & Cars :) .. show us your best picture describe the effect of the global warming on earth and human and animals and on everything ..and if you can try to show it from architecture PoV or from Atuomotive POV ..
Entries: 137
Winners announced: 22nd February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Aswan Damn Monument
Egyptian Architecture has many various styles like the ancient pharaonic temples and buildings like the famous pyramids and sphinx and temples + greek and roman styles +Islamic and Coptic architecture and recently the Modern style .. so show us your best shot for architecture in ...
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Winners announced: 15th February, 2010 GMT
Winner: War Memories, Anzio 2010
well , show us your best cars interior shots .. try new angels , and new way of lighting .. and show us your best
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Winners announced: 8th February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Off shore wind turbines
You can check wikipedia if you don't know what's is sustainable architecture ..
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Winners announced: 1st February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Roofs
show us your best shot for a roof or covering of a building , space truss , steel , green roof anything ..
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Winners announced: 25th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: Ciudad de las Artes - Spain.
Again back to architecture .. :) .. show us your best shot of high-tech buildings or any thing related to the buildings and architecture that you see is high-tech and too modern or something new .. ;)
Entries: 231
Winners announced: 18th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: flaying SUBARU
well this time rest from architecture :) .. i thought of choosing something new this time and thought about cars , well Japanese cars like Subaru , Honda , Suzuki , Nissan .. etc show us your best shot for the Japanese cars ..
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Winners announced: 30th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: The Bird's Nest
i think all of us knows what are the stadiums and sports hall :) , stadiums are for the outdoor sports like football and baseball and soccer and etc , sports hall for the indoor sports like basketball , vollyball , swimming competitions etc . try to show us you best pictures from architectural point of view whether the picture is exterior or interior shots .
Entries: 161
Winners announced: 16th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: Peace Laguna Resort, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand
well, after the summer and having fun in holidays :) show us the beauty of the resorts you've been to , just one rule show us the resorts from architectural point of view :) , not just sand and water
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Winners announced: 7th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: taj mahal
islamic architecture is the architecture built by or for Muslims, or that built in Islamic lands or under Islamic government, a large corpus indeed.The principal Islamic architectural types are: the Mosque, the Tomb, the Palace and the Fort. From these four types, the vocabulary of Islamic architecture is derived and used for buildings of lesser importance such as public baths, fountains and...
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Winners announced: 10th August, 2009 GMT
Modern architecture is a set of building styles with similar characteristics ,it's a style that emerged in many Western countries in the decade after World War I ,so i think it's obvious just try to show us the modern architecture and buildings in your place or any place you've been to , and try to be creative and show us new angels and compositions .