Interesting Points of View

Challenge series hosted by Pierre Daigneault. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
This series is to challenge people to search for different way of looking at things and explore perspectives etc.
Finished (2 challenges)
Entries: 141
Winners announced: 4th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Spiral staircase
Take a photo of something looking at it from the under side. Photos can be of anything but must have been taken "looking up". If your photo is not near vertical looking up you will be DQed. Can be the underside of a table showing various deposits of gum etc, or can be the underside of an umbrella.....anything.
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 7th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: I am a potato chip
The aim of this challenge is to make the viewer see the world as if they were something else.....not a person......effectively to "see it from my point of view". In order to be a valid entry I must feel that I am that object. For example put the camera in a clothes basket and photograph some dirty socks being tossed in. Or put the camera in a microwave and photograph a plate being put in....