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Simplicity is beautiful
Finished (6 challenges)
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 2nd March, 2012 GMT
Winner: DSC_6866
Let us see your pictures showing happiness/joy during the job.
Entries: 220
Winners announced: 30th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: on the rocks....
Contrasting elements in the same picture: high and low, light and dark, oblique and straight lines, happy and sad, opaque and vivid colours,...
Entries: 193
Winners announced: 23rd December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Summer's almost gone
Kids playing on the beach. Only kids, no adults.
Entries: 164
Winners announced: 16th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Lili
I love pictures of people at window. It always makes me wonder what are people doing; looking at what? Or just wasting time... Show us your pictures and let us wonder!
Entries: 213
Winners announced: 9th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Orissa India lady
Sometimes we don't need to say anything because our eyes say everything for us. Strong looks produce outstanding pictures; share it with us!
Entries: 190
Winners announced: 25th November, 2011 GMT
Winner: DSC_2659
What makes you happy? Money, pricey cars...? Or the companionship your family, a smile from your child, a tasty ice cream, a good book, watching the sunrise.... Let us know through your best pictures.