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take change, everything's always moving; so through good vibes through photos that are alive not locked within the frame limits, neither the medium specifities or ourselves witness this timeless flow which we are. make your photo part of the flow, help me, teach me, us... WE. this is not about showing, this is about growth, soul growing. i welcome you and you
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Entries: 15
Winners announced: 11th March, 2012 GMT
Winner: Rolling Sound
the first time I "saw" tarantino's reservoir dogs there was no image, so I had to build them in my mind with the soundtrack as grid/matrix/guide. now I challenge you TO FIND/MAKE AN IMAGE FOR THIS just for fun, enjoy and tank-U
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Winners announced: 25th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Rachel
go for a walk/ride/stroll. take a camera with you but don't start taking pictures, forget that. talk to someone you don't know. feels ok? ---> (only) then explain that you are given this "task" of portraying an unknown person. agree/allow/willing? ---> now you portray. give him/her the link to the challenge so he/she can share the common experience too. take her/his address. BEFORE...
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Winners announced: 6th November, 2011 GMT
Winner: resizee3 prieteni
your most beloved place WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD. that one memory of space that goes deep through the root of your heart, seen as if you were - again - a child... say with a "cleaner soul". please READ additional RULES. let's go? gashô
1. YOU
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Winners announced: 9th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: Jen Bubble Gum Self
a non pretentious (unless you are a pretentious person), true self portrait. that simple, that difficult. i expect the awareness we are not judging people here, but the always subjective best representation (passed on) that someone is able making of him/herselve. ánimo! gashô