The Revolver

Challenge series hosted by Digital Alfredo, The Bacon Wagoneer. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
This challenge series started out as one thing, but will now evolve into a series of challenges geared to specific themes in shorter numbers - mainly as an attempt to keep the series lively, but also to avoid repetition amongst hosted series on DPR.
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Winners announced: 1st February, 2012 GMT
Winner: no winner
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This challenge mini-series is fairly simple: I name a world-famous brand, and you submit a photo of yourself (or someone you know) enjoying an identifiable product from that particular corporation. Specifics: with the nature of this challenge, only photos that are close-in (portrait-like) are permitted and not pics taken from a distance with a telephoto lens.
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Winners announced: 18th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Life @ 45º
Your car needs to get from Point A to Point B or even Point C - and all the while you're traveling, your vehicles is zooming along on roads that are paved with layers of asphalt... or even concrete in some areas. Show us in a photo where the rubber meets the road.
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Winners announced: 11th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Rhyolite Ruins in California
In the urban reality that surrounds us, there are lots of examples of old/used up/crumbling infrastructure that your city or town hasn't gotten around to fixing or demolishing - so your task is to show us a photo of these trouble areas. Crumbling concrete, flaky cement, cracked asphalt that desperately needs replacing - all are fair game.
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Winners announced: 4th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Victoria Street
Have you ever taken a photo of something as ordinary as a sidewalk? We spend a lot of time pounding on these strips of cement as they wind their way through our cities and towns, but how often do we think of them? NOTE: keep the photo's focus on the sidewalks themselves and not the people on them.
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Winners announced: 28th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: no winner
Show us your photos of buildings, structures, or other engineered projects that have been made of at least 65% concrete or cement. Examples: bridges, dams, older skyscrapers that show their concrete on the exterior... even sidewalks are fair game if it's configured outside of the norm.
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Winners announced: 21st December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Auroa Borealiso
If there's one general problem that's common to nearly all cameras, it's ISO noise - whether it be from using the no-flash auto setting, shooting in the dark, trying to catch fast action, or your flubbing the manual settings. Whatever the case was, your resulting photo is nearly or entirely unusable because of too much "grain".
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Winners announced: 14th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: copenhagen
Sometimes you just have to guess at how big or how small your aperture should be when you release the shutter... and occasionally, you get that completely wrong. Or, you trust the camera to pick the right amount, and it abysmally miscalculates. Either way, you end up with a photo that's over exposed... or one that's too dark to fix with a little fill light in PP.
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Winners announced: 7th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: _IGP2276
Everybody's done it before: thought they had the picture locked in - and it looked okay when they aped it on their camera's screen... but when they got home and pulled it up on the monitor, the image was in fact blurry. Don't ya hate that?
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Winners announced: 30th November, 2011 GMT
Winner: NewZealand backroad
Have you ever seriously overestimated how steady you can keep your camera when just holding it in your hands? Been too lazy to set up your tripod for that one great shot? Well... this challenge is for all those pics that are *almost* great, if it hand't been for vibrations while the shutter was open.
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Winners announced: 23rd November, 2011 GMT
Winner: The Copper Cone
When you're at home and want to crank up the volume on your favorite tunes, you first need something that has a volume button/knob! Show us what plays music around your home (can be in a store if really in a pinch): stereos, ghetto blasters, boom boxes, elaborate hi-fi systems, etc.
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Winners announced: 16th November, 2011 GMT
Winner: SunGlass
When the sun is bright, everyone needs to protect their eyes... and what better way to to that than with a stylish pair of sunglasses?
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Winners announced: 9th November, 2011 GMT
Winner: Speed light media
PLEASE READ RULES! All of us here in the digital age need recordable media to store our music, movies, photos, and documents on - whether it be a CD-R, DVD-R, blank Blu-Ray, SD card, Compact Flash, MemoryStick, or whatever else your device takes. Show us in a photo the type of media that you use for your particular digital empire. Also: if you entered pics of CDs into a previous challenge,...
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Winners announced: 2nd November, 2011 GMT
Winner: Bali Convenience Store
PLEASE READ RULES! What better place to show us what our consumer mindset is like than the venerable corner store? That 7-11, Mr. Convenience, Kwik-E-Mart, or plain old mom & pop convenience store that sells everything from chocolate bars to hygiene products and air fresheners. Pretty much anything you can buy for $10 or less will be found at your local corner store, so why don't you take a...
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Winners announced: 26th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: Eneloop Chess!
PLEASE READ RULES! In this modern age, nearly everything we own runs on some sort of battery: watches, cell phones, music players, remote controls, cars, electric bikes, cameras... and the list just goes on and on. But how often do we actually think of the batteries themselves - other than when they need to be recharged or replaced?
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Winners announced: 19th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: The Art of Fashion
PLEASE READ RULES! Well... what can I say? We all wear clothes - even the nudists when they're outside of the enclaves. With infinite varieties and styles around the world, clothing can be an interesting thing to photograph. The only catch here is that your picture can NOT be of clothing on a human being.
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Winners announced: 12th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: Tiny Camera
PLEASE READ RULES! Would seem kind of obvious for a photo site, but let's see your best picture of a camera - any kind of camera: compact, pocket, digital, film, SLR/DSLR, video, movie, antique, toy (that actually takes photos)... whatever! Celebrate our collective passion :)
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Winners announced: 5th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: fascination (1 of 1)
PLEASE READ RULES! Need a little illumination? Then what's better than a lamp?! Floor lamps... table lamps... desk lamps - they all provide light to those of us who haven't been blessed with the ability to see in the dark. Of course, lamps come in many different styles and shapes - so let's see your best photo of one!
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Winners announced: 28th September, 2011 GMT
Winner: Overgrown
PLEASE READ RULES! One of the common factors in this race of humanity is the shoe - generally, everyone owns a pair. What we wear on our feet to protect and comfort them in our daily travels varies greatly from person to person, and from country to country - so what better way to show a true 'consumer's world'?
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Winners announced: 21st September, 2011 GMT
Winner: Old school
PLEASE READ RULES! A hand saw... claw hammer... power drill... a jar of wood screws.. or laser level - all of these things are probably among the tools you keep at home. The home hardware/renovation retailers of the world are always there to sell you a tool you probably don't need, but you buy anyhow because you think to yourself "you never know what I'll need one of those". Show us your...
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Winners announced: 14th September, 2011 GMT
Winner: Warm, Vanishing Vinyl
READ THE RULES! In this world of MP3s and iPods, the venerable CD has become somewhat of an anachronism to a whole generation of kids. So it's up to you to remind the youngfolk what music was like before their time with a photo of your favorite vinyl, tapes, or discs.
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Winners announced: 7th September, 2011 GMT
Winner: Good to the Last Drop!
READ THE RULES! In today's world, many people have tired of the chlorinated/fluoridated city water that comes to their homes at very little or no cost and have switched to drinking water that comes in bottles - that may be carbonated or flavored, but is generally just ordinary water. Sure, it might supposedly come from a natural spring or from France/Italy - but it's still just WATER.
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Winners announced: 31st August, 2011 GMT
Winner: IAM_20101013-IMG_1686
READ THE RULES! Hobbyists and collectors alike all over the world buy or assemble models of their favorite cars, ships/spaceships, or aircraft for proud display on their shelves, desks, or hung from the ceiling. Show us a model from your collection, or one you've seen in your daily life.
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Winners announced: 24th August, 2011 GMT
Winner: rafting
READ THE RULES! There aren't many people around the world that don't enjoy playing some sort of sport - baseball, soccer/football, tennis, golf, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, bowling, cricket, or many others. All of these sports require you to buy some sort of equipment so you can play, and this challenge is for photos of those items by themselves.
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Winners announced: 17th August, 2011 GMT
Winner: positive/negative
READ THE RULES! As a society, we often move on from one technology to another when something better and greater comes along. Before cellphones there were land-line telephones, and before land-line telephones there were telegraphs - the apparatus used to send messages from Point A to Point B via electrical signal as a series of dots and dashes that would be interpreted by a trained user. And...
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Winners announced: 10th August, 2011 GMT
Winner: Furniture
READ THE RULES! Who doesn't love a comfy sofa or bed or chair? But what happens when that piece of furniture gets worn out and is ready to be replaced?
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Winners announced: 3rd August, 2011 GMT
Winner: Near the Fontana di Trevi
READ THE RULES! That mecca of retailing - your local shopping mall - is a wonderous thing: so many different types of goods being sold... glitzy display windows... people rushing about to and fro in their busy little lives. Show us the best pic you have of a mall.
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Winners announced: 27th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: Adults only
One of the largest consumable industries on Earth, adult entertainment publications make billions of dollars through sales at various retailers and online. The challenge here is to show this business without actually showing anything pornographic (and contrary to DPR standards).
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Winners announced: 20th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: Cherreos
They're grrrrrrrrrreat! What cereal do you eat in the morning before heading off to your daily routines? Cheerios? Frosted Flakes? Lucky Charms? Weetabix? Show us in a photo what starts your day off right.
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Winners announced: 13th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: keep calm
Read any good books lately? This challenge is for your best photo of a paperback novel/book - whether by itself, on a shelf, in a store, or in someone's hand as they read it.
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Winners announced: 6th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: no winner
Music for the masses! Since the late 1990's, the music industry has been revolutionized by the lossy-music codec called MP3 and the wide variety of electronic devices that play them. Show us your best pic of an MP3 player or someone enjoying one. NOTE: NO APPLE PRODUCTS.
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Winners announced: 29th June, 2011 GMT
Winner: Replenishment
READ CAREFULLY: Athletes and youth all around the world have developed a culture centered around energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, NOS, Brawndo and other beverages that contain high amounts of caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, vitamin B12 and other additives that claim to boost your energy levels. Submit your best photo of an energy drink or someone enjoying one.
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Winners announced: 22nd June, 2011 GMT
Winner: Happiness is.......
One of the most fundamental consumer items we encounter in our daily lives: at the store, at the gas station, at the sports arena, vending machines on school campuses or at bus terminals - snacks like chocolate bars, cookies, potato chips (crisps), or jelly beans beg for your pocket change.
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 15th June, 2011 GMT
Winner: The future of 3D
We live in a day and age where the old fashioned 'boob tube' has gone the way of the dodo bird - cathode ray tube televisions have been supplanted by LCD, LED, OLED, and plasma screens that can properly display high definition video. Show us your best pics of modern flat screen televisions!
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 8th June, 2011 GMT
Winner: Red point
When was the last time you bought a 'good' umbrella? One that could withstand the wind, shield you from rain at various angles, and you didn't feel silly for carrying around? Considering the rainy weather in various global locales this time of year, I've selected umbrellas for the inaugural challenge of this series.