Image Capturing Mediums

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Mediums used for capturing images.
Finished (2 challenges)
Entries: 18
Winners announced: 19th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: Kodak Ektachrome E200
In my previous "Film" challenge, nearly every entry had to be disqualified for not following the theme. Let's try this again. This challenge is about taking pictures of the film itself, not simply any old picture captured on film. Of course, taking a picture of film rolls using film is perfectly acceptable. If you were one of the few with proper entries last time feel free to resubmit those...
1. Film
Entries: 19
Winners announced: 5th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: This is the end, my friend ... ( The doors)
Pictures of photographic/imaging film (35mm, medium format, x-ray, movie reel film, whatever).