It's not about pixel peeping!

Challenge series hosted by pocoloco. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
Photo's are not always about pixel perfectness. A little noise never hurt anyone. Some vignetting... Yes! Light leaks... fun! Photo's should capture an emotion, an atmosphere, a feeling... a photo should touch a nerve... The gear is not important... your eye is... any camera will do.
Finished (34 challenges)
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 7th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Tranquility
Night shots of urban/street scenes. Rain.... yes! Fog... yes!!! Moody... yes!!! A bit of cyberpunk... hell yeah!!!! Street lights... oh my!!! Puddles.... love it!!! A little bit of grit... sure!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 31st March, 2020 GMT
Winner: First Friday Classics
Night shots of urban/street scenes. Rain.... yes! Fog... yes!!! Moody... yes!!! A bit of cyberpunk... hell yeah!!!! Street lights... oh my!!! Puddles.... love it!!! A little bit of grit... sure!
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 11th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: Low Flying Motor Bikes
... I wouldn't do that if I were you!
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 4th February, 2014 GMT
Winner: no winner
Yeah... sure!
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 22nd January, 2013 GMT
Winner: Motel???
Motel Signs.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 25th December, 2012 GMT
Winner: Clifford
I am not sure I am having fun!
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 11th December, 2012 GMT
Winner: no winner
Out of place. Something, someone, terribly out of place.
27. Hot!!!
Entries: 68
Winners announced: 31st January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Hot ride
People feeling hot.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 24th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Misery
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 10th January, 2012 GMT
A window isn't just for looking through it...
Entries: 18
Winners announced: 5th July, 2011 GMT
Winner: Lazy Days
Use you Holga, Lomo or whatever! Digital is allowed, but only when a Holga/Lomo or other plastic wannabe lens is attached to the camera body.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 14th June, 2011 GMT
Winner: Men @ work
... or are they?
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 31st May, 2011 GMT
Winner: Shot vs Shout
Just like the blatant ignoration of some of the challenge rules of some of the uptight hosts, but then in real life.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 24th May, 2011 GMT
Winner: Extension / anticipation
Is it coming? Will it happen? Am I gonna get it? When? Soon? .... ? ... ? ... ? .... ?
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 17th May, 2011 GMT
Winner: Street kid in Mumbai, India
Yummy for some is the bweeerghh for others.
19. Pinhole
Entries: 19
Winners announced: 10th May, 2011 GMT
Winner: fangorn
In honor of the pinhole day [ see ], a pinhole challenge. Aluminum foil your hole drilled lens cap, use your pinwide gadget, or actually scan your shoe-box made film negatives.... it does not matter how... as long as it is a pinhole.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 3rd May, 2011 GMT
Winner: How to protect water in a desert
Safe it must be.
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 26th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Red Arrows
Be careful!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 19th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: AN August Morning
You can't believe your eyes!!!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 12th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Bull Stomps Bull "Rider"
Comfortable it is not.
14. Shadows
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 5th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Alain Convard - Shadows
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 29th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Reflect
Any reflection of a city... in a puddle... a mirror... a window... sunglasses...
Entries: 2
Winners announced: 22nd March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Teenie phone home
Public transport nuisance number one is probably... hhhmmmm... sorry.... since public transport nuisance number one is probably public transport... we'll be handling public transport nuisance number two... the cellphone... so at least let this nuisance not go to waste and capture it... being a total nuisance yourselves... by using your cellphone... it may kill some time whilst waiting...
Entries: 72
Winners announced: 15th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Impressions of Childhood
A real world situation/person... imitating art... art and real world situation/person preferably in the same frame!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 8th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: just be a champion
Sweet smell of succes.
9. Men
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 1st March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Man Working
Men. Well ladies... this is your chance to show me your best captured stereotype! ( Ooops I forgot... this is a forum almost only middle aged men participate in.... )
Entries: 28
Winners announced: 22nd February, 2011 GMT
Winner: While the Women Play
Though the male of the species is widely acknowledged as the stronger half of the species, it seems they have a hard time adapting to the circumstances in the harsh outlet environment. There the female of the species really thrive, where as the males look to have lost their spirit... abandoned all hope... lost the will to live. They just weren't made to go hunting in the midst of a mega-sale...
Entries: 57
Winners announced: 15th February, 2011 GMT
Winner: DSC_0430
Show me the emotions shoppers have during their shopping spree. The anticipation of the buy. The bewildered look when they notice an outraged pricing. Shop and awe.
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 8th February, 2011 GMT
Winner: Up Close
A bad hair day. (If the theme raises any questions, try the title.)
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 1st February, 2011 GMT
Winner: We are closed
Sometimes we forget to grab our M9 with the 1.2/50 Noct. when we go out. Or... like the most of us, you just can't afford to spent a couple of months salary on a red dot. Don't worry, the best camera is the one you have with you, and the one we almost always have with us, is our cellphone camera. So... show me your best street shots, taken with your cellphone camera.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 25th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Migration
Having fun shooting into the sun (I know... it's cheesy)! Or... straight into any other light source for that matter!
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 18th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Playful evening
Light painting with your flash. Slow sync only.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 11th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: LOMO
Holga, Lomo, Diana. Great really bad plastic camera's. Oversaturation, off color, vignetting, lightleaks, scratches, blotches... what you normally don't wanna see... you get! They don't come digital... so we have to fake it.
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 4th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Citicorp Building
A cellphone is your tool... the city your playground. No so much about people, more about the city itself. Landmarks... colors... or b&w... atmosphere... light... the city's characteristics...