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Lanterns on their Fixtures
Finished (10 challenges)
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 1st December, 2012 GMT
Winner: Branches and Leaves
Entries: 200
Winners announced: 30th June, 2012 GMT
Winner: Morning
Images taken silhouette like with the light behind the subject
Entries: 4
Winners announced: 12th May, 2012 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Any digital/film digitised pinhole image to coincide with "World Wide Pinhole Day" http://www.pinholeday.org/ Select your best and submit to participate in preparation for the 29th April a sort of trial run. The next pinhole day is April 29, 2012 Select your best taken on the day and submit to participate in that great event.
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 21st April, 2012 GMT
Winner: AsmGLSP 006
Entries: 37
Winners announced: 25th February, 2012 GMT
Winner: Dad's Boots
Entries: 130
Winners announced: 11th February, 2012 GMT
Winner: University of Constance
Entries: 149
Winners announced: 21st January, 2012 GMT
Winner: A strange shadow
Show Lanterns on their Fixtures.
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 31st December, 2011 GMT
Winner: no winner
Gloves Found
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 24th December, 2011 GMT
Winner: Monks at lunch, Myanmar
The Head Without Hair
Entries: 94
Winners announced: 11th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: After the fire jpg
Show the devastated result of a building or any other object after the fire has been put out.