The Real World

Challenge series hosted by fuzzylogic. Challenges start on Sundays.
This series will deal with the real world. No posed or staged photos. This will be wide open for what's real in the world. Hopefully shots that can leave the imagination open for interpretation. This will cover nature, people, places, and more.
Finished (9 challenges)
Entries: 249
Winners announced: 13th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Multiple Personality
Okay, this will about photos about "echos". Interpretation is pretty much wide open. The word "echo" is also a synonym for "reflection" so you can go with that too. Maybe shots of reflections? Water, windows, mirrors, etc... Maybe "reflection" as someone being "reflective" about their past, etc... I'd love to see how creative everyone can be with such a wide palette for interpretation (to...
Entries: 149
Winners announced: 6th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: "Lazy Sunday"
Shots dealing with letters or words. Anything creative!
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 6th February, 2011 GMT
Winner: Foggy Morning
Your best photos containing fog
Entries: 171
Winners announced: 30th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Breakfast For Carlos
Looking for your best shots taken just at that right second. Car crash, bird catching prey, etc....
Entries: 132
Winners announced: 23rd January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Locked On Target
Shots of "The Chase"... I'm leaving this wide open for interpretation. Man chasing time, money, youth... Some of us are in pursuit of happiness, peace, etc... Show it!
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 9th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Invincible.
Best shots of nature and industry "encroaching" on each other's turf. A representation of the battle between man and mother nature OR photos where nature and industry coexist and compliment each other.
Entries: 133
Winners announced: 26th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Mother and child
Best shots of animals playing, caring for one another (or person), etc...
Entries: 200
Winners announced: 19th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Depicting Dream
Shot of a person or persons "in a moment". A moment that tells a story. Ideally, a shot evoking some shot of emotion from the subject. A candid snap, a non-posed shot. Ideally, a shot you snapped unbeknownst to the subject.
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 12th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Graveyard
Photos representing abandonment. Ghost towns, abandoned buildings, cars, or whatever. Use your imagination!