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White Rose with warm textures
Finished (4 challenges)
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 6th July, 2013 GMT
Winner: Temple of Light
This is challenge of train station terminals around the world
3. Smoking
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 16th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: mrwu6
People smoking, capturing the expressions.
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 8th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Street Cellphone Technician
This challenge is meant to bring the social live of different people in their sweet home. Well, given that street photography can be seen as 'people in their habitat', it's certainly of interest for us to take an interest in how people live, how people organise their lives in buildings, cities and other shared environments. So where some architectural photographers want shots devoid of people,...
1. Rose
Entries: 479
Winners announced: 27th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Red heart