The Human Photographer

Challenge series hosted by Stormcastle, TheAnonymousGhost. Challenges start on Sundays.
This is a series that is meant to include ALL photographers - from the new camera users, to the old pros. Nobody will ever be excluded from any of these challenges due to skill level, photo format, or use of post processing. Most of all, this series is dedicated to the art of the snapshot i.e. photo that haven't been posed or planned out ahead of time... photos that you've taken during the normal course of your life.
Finished (12 challenges)
Entries: 222
Winners announced: 10th April, 2011 GMT
Winner: Mobious Arch At Sunrise
This challenge is open to users of all skill levels, and is for all those photos you have of rocks. Qualified photos can be of anything from the smallest pebble, to the largest boulder - and anything in between... but we do ask that you refrain from submitting pictures of mountains since those had stopped being rocks a long time ago ;-p
Entries: 107
Winners announced: 3rd April, 2011 GMT
Winner: tyger
This challenge is open to users of all skill levels, and is about things that you can't touch - but not as in far away, but as in things protected by fences or other barriers. Examples could be a power substation, a painting or artifact behind glass in a museum, or a celebrity behind a security barrier. Note: please refrain from illegal activity to obtain your photos.
Entries: 170
Winners announced: 27th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Antarctic Iceberg
This challenge is open to all photographers of all skill levels, and is for images of... ice. Acceptable photo must have ice as the central subject - so ice cubes in a class of soda isn't going to work. Some examples of qualifying photos: ice skating rinks, icicles, a frozen pond, etc. - whatever it is, the ice must be the photo's focus.
Entries: 222
Winners announced: 20th March, 2011 GMT
Winner: Carrick on Shannon Marina
This challenge is open to all users and is fairly straightforward: submit your best photo of a harbor, port, or marina. Your photo can be of docked boats, ships departing, seagulls floating, or whatever you have as long as it's evident that the scene is in a harbor, port, or marina.
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 30th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: 1000th league speedway meeting in Rybnik/Poland
READ CAREFULLY: This challenge is open to everybody and is aimed at those photos you took in 2010 that would be suitable for use in a newspaper or news magazine - something that covers a headline from wherever you live: a parade, a public ceremony, the launching of a ship, a funeral, a concert... whatever it is, it has to be notable and you have to describe the event in the photo description.
Entries: 221
Winners announced: 23rd January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Colorline
This photo is open to all of you who enjoy taking random photos - snapshots of the world around you. What we're looking for in this challenge is photos of something you saw in your daily travels that surprised you by being an odd or surprising colour - a purple apple, red grass, or car painted an abnormal shade.
Entries: 217
Winners announced: 16th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: Rooster Tail
This challenge is open to everybody, and we're looking for your best photo of a human being (or a bunch of people) in motion - no static or posed shots, please. Can be playing sports, walking along the street, or jumping up and down on a trampoline - whatever it is, your subject has to be moving.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 9th January, 2011 GMT
Winner: tour de paris1_018 per dpreview
This challenge is open exclusively to those of you who own a D5000 and feel that it still holds it's own against the upstart D3100 and D7000. Submit here the best photo you've taken with your D5000 - and let the best pic win.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 7th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Morning bath on Ganga banks
READ CAREFULLY: This challenge is for the pics from the cheapest camera you own - or at least, the one that takes the most reliably bad photos: low quality, bad exposure, high ISO noise, or poor colour reproduction. DSLR cameras sit this one out, but cell phone pics are definitely allowed! In the end, looking for pics from cameras that are verifiable 8 megapixels or lower.
Entries: 110
Winners announced: 31st October, 2010 GMT
Winner: IMG_5007
READ CAREFULLY: This challenge is for those pics of yours that are nearly 100% great - except the focus isn't where you wanted it to be - and we've all had that happen when we're too lazy to use manual focusing. Depth of field errors are also welcomed in this challenge as most of us have had that go wrong, too.
Entries: 87
Winners announced: 24th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Sunburst
As a photographer, light is your best friend... except when it's your mortal enemy. This challenge celebrates all those lost battles with the sun and any other light source that's made an otherwise good photo go completely bad.
Entries: 119
Winners announced: 17th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: steady lightning...
Sometimes, even the best stabilization system can't help you steady a shot - and sometimes you forget to turn the system on... or may not even have that option at all. Regardless of the reason, this challenge is for those photos that you thought were good until you got to your computer and experienced the horror of a blurred image that you'll never get a chance at again (due to shaky hands...