Point & Shoot Power

Challenge series hosted by jcmarfilph. Challenges start on Saturdays.
Challenges on this series will focus primarily in Digital Point and Shoot cameras only. Cameras with interchangeable lenses and SLR-type will be accepted in select challenges. Let us show the power of P&S cameras. It goes with the tag line "It is not the bow, it is the Indian".
Finished (4 challenges)
Entries: 78
Winners announced: 14th January, 2012 GMT
Winner: Night
As the title says, submit your best landscape, seascape or cityscape shot using only a Point & Shoot or Prosumer camera.
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 6th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: 897347035_20100610-_p109767
One of the composition technique is to shoot repeating subjects around us. Take out your Point&Shoot camera and look around for any interesting and repeating subjects. I would like to see a Point&Shoot camera entry as much as possible but any camera will do.
Entries: 250
Winners announced: 9th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Sunset Run
As the title says, show the beauty of the subject in black. In this challenge all cameras are equal so no disadvantage for a P&S camera. I would like to see a P&S entry as much as possible though but any camera will do. Show your best Silhouette shot!
Entries: 148
Winners announced: 18th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Waiting for the Lucky bee
P&S cameras are often limited with aperture control to achieve SDOF. So an alternative way especially in macro subject is to shoot in tele-macro mode. Make your macro subject stand-out and show that blurred or bokeh background.