The Road less traveled

Challenge series hosted by tsk1979. Challenges start on Thursdays.
Wanderlust, but not for the beaten path, but for the unbeaten path. The roads nobody takes, the trails which are two tough for ordinary cars, the treks which only the very brave or very foolish dare!
Finished (18 challenges)
Entries: 36
Winners announced: 19th November, 2015 GMT
Winner: white road
Self explanatory. Winter is coming, and with winter comes snow, and those lovely ice roads. Just one rule. The road surface should NOT be visible. A spec here and there is fine(see example images). Road should be fully coated with ice/snow.
Entries: 18
Winners announced: 3rd November, 2011 GMT
Winner: NPL-37099 Above Thorung La
Another Geo-Tag related challenge Post a picture which confirms to the rules(read carefully) 1. Should have been taken from a high mountain pass which is a. Higher than 4000m in Altitude (4000 meters folks) b. Has no "road passing through it" on google maps, or local open street maps That removes the famous passes like KharDungla etc., Passes with "tracks" passing through are...
16. Glaciers
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 13th October, 2011 GMT
Winner: Glaciers
Its simple. Post a glacier picture. You know, glacier. That huge big river of ice. Does not matter, small glacier or large glacier. It just has to be a glacier
Entries: 15
Winners announced: 11th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Creepin'
Post picture of your 4x4 doing Rock crawling
Entries: 22
Winners announced: 4th November, 2010 GMT
Winner: Bromo and Semeru
Post a picture of an ACTIVE Volcano. By Active we mean that the volcano should be spewing up stuff. And that stuff should be visible in the picture
Entries: 30
Winners announced: 28th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Nico
Mountain biking action shot, thats the idea. No motorized or electric bikes please
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 21st October, 2010 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Post a pic of a motorized land vehicle on a icy/snowy road. Pic should not be taken within a city/town but in the "countryside" No mildly iced tarmac. The entire road should be covered in snow
11. Breakdown
Entries: 22
Winners announced: 14th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: broken down on the top of the world
Seen the movie? Well that is the theme. For the uninitiated, its about a breakdown and misadventure on a lonely highway. So don't post your vehicle parked in a garage pic and expect getting it past the disqualification engine.
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 7th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Denali
Post a pic with latitude and longitude of the point where the pic was taken Only criteria -> On, there should be no road/track/trail etc., marked within 5km as the crow flies. Entries without latitude/longitude in description or title will be disqualified. I will draw a 5km radius circle around lat/lon, and if it intersects any path/road/trail, entry will be disqualified. If...
Entries: 22
Winners announced: 30th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Frozen river
Post a pic of your Motorized SUV/4x4/Jeep/ATV/Truck/Bike crossing a river/fording a river
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 16th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Cheetah aerobics!
Often we go to trips in national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, looking for that Bear, that Tiger, that lion. Post a pic, taken in the wild, of such a predator. Remember, the predator should be one of the animals which are at or near the top in the food chain.
Entries: 7
Winners announced: 9th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Botsuana_5594
When the river is the road! Post a picture of your motorized vehicle inside a river. No backyard puddles or lake shores allowed. It can be a parked in river shot, an action shot, anything.
Entries: 152
Winners announced: 2nd September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Elevated
Post a pic from a trek. It can be a trek through a forest, a trek in the high mountains, a climb on a summit, basically anything that envolves sheer muscle power. No "bicycle trips" allowed. Only pure trekking/mountaineering.
5. Lost
Entries: 183
Winners announced: 26th August, 2010 GMT
Winner: Long Way Home
All the rules get tiring, right? So this is an open challenge, which signifies being "Lost". There will be no sample entries, because its upto the posters interpretation. So post a picture, which you thing conveys "Being Lost". It could be you in the woods all alone, or a road which is a dead end. Entirely open to interpretation.
Entries: 31
Winners announced: 19th August, 2010 GMT
Winner: moto in mud
Drove on a Dirt trail? We are not interested. Parked on a dune? We are not interested. What we want is action shots of your SUV/ATV/Dirt bike, conquering an obstacle. Not a silly dirt track. But a proper obstacle, like climbing a dune, crossing a river, doing rock crawling. It has to be an action shot, not a shot of your vehicle after parking.
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 12th August, 2010 GMT
Winner: On the water
A shot taken from inside the vehicle, while not driving on a road, but on an offroad trail
Entries: 96
Winners announced: 5th August, 2010 GMT
Winner: Rush Hour
Post a pic of a long road section, or long winded curves, with no other vehicle or person in sight.
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 29th July, 2010 GMT
Winner: no winner
Not your puny mountain, and not a picture of a distant high mountain. What we need is a picture taken at a high mountain. When you clicked the picture, you must be at an altitude of 13123 feet, or 4000m. No airplane shots please.