Challenge series hosted by Atrin. Challenges start on Mondays.
The objective of this series is to explore the beauty and complexity of engineering, an unsung art.
Finished (6 challenges)
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 20th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
Capture a well composed and well lit image of a door, a piece of engineering that serves as a moveable barrier for openings.
Entries: 36
Winners announced: 13th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: handle of railway wagon
The next piece of engineering we will explore is the handle (or grip). Handles/grips can be found on bags, doors, cups, tools, etc. Your job is to capture the most beautiful/cool handle. The handle should be the focus of the image.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 6th September, 2010 GMT
Winner: sunset clipper
The next mighty feat of engineering to photograph: ships. Not puny boats, but tall, large, and mighty ships. The focus of your image must be the ship as a piece of engineering:
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 16th August, 2010 GMT
Winner: An apple a day...
On The Edge takes us to a more simple piece of engineering. The blade. From electric razors and chainsaws to plain old knives. Create a composition that captures characteristics or functions of a blade.
Entries: 28
Winners announced: 26th July, 2010 GMT
Winner: City Of Lights
With the second challenge in the Engineering Series we turn our attention to the circuit board. These little cities of resistors, capacitors, transistors and various other surface components can be found virtually anywhere you can find electronics. Many different materials with their own properties are littered across these boards, with a great deal of variation in depth/dimensions. Be...
Entries: 68
Winners announced: 5th July, 2010 GMT
Winner: Lumix 2006
Time to kick off the Engineering Series. Our first challenge is to photograph a remarkable and beautiful piece of engineering that you use regularly: your camera. In this challenge you are to photograph your other camera, as a beautiful and living piece of engineering. Let your imagination go wild, treat the camera as a living breathing entity. Don't just sit it on a table and...