The Golden Ages

Challenge series hosted by Sonylover1. Challenges start on Saturdays.
A series that will catch the feeling of the golden ages. That is the centurys of 18th,19th and 20th preceding our modern age. Examples are transportation not anymore in use: ships, trains. It could be clothes, buildings, landscapes and so on...
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Winners announced: 3rd September, 2011 GMT
Winner: alone at night
One of my favourites photos is Atgets– Jardin du Luxembourg (1906). It fits to my Golden Ages series because he managed to catch the solitary man, the empty feeling in a society transformed (industrialization). Hundred years has passed and we are in a new transformation phase - the postmodern society - more lost than ever. Study Atgets pictures on the net and try to catch the "lost"...
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Winners announced: 16th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Wrinkles.
I have always been compassionate about B/W photos that are simple, very strong, no fuzz and with a message.
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Winners announced: 9th October, 2010 GMT
Winner: Enjoy from first flight
In the golden years of 1900 - 1939 man (and woman) discovered and mastered the principle of flying. Apart from the First world war - the flying was an endless joy of discovering the pleasure of flying. Those day they could feel the wind and the smells from the engine. Nowadays flying is like a commutertrain - smelly indeed - but not pleasent. Try to catch the history and the joy of the early...
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Winners announced: 10th July, 2010 GMT
Winner: Charging up the Grade
Imagine a lump of steal. Tons of steel. Dead steal. Fill it with water and coal. Put on a fire. Suddenly the dead steal comes alive. It ejects steam and sounds reminiscent of an animal. It evolves tremendous power and can drag wagons after wagons. Imagine that people travelled with these "monsters" for about 100 years. Try to catch the feeling of a real steal monster!
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Winners announced: 3rd July, 2010 GMT
Winner: Country House
In just 200 years mankind have succeded in transforming our world to a urbanized and unnatural world. All of the great landscape painters of the 18th or 19th century had the opportunity to create an image of total unspoilt nature - just a few mile outside the city. Nowadays it is hard to find spots or views where you think "time has stopped". Try to show us your interpretation of an unspoilt...
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Winners announced: 26th June, 2010 GMT
Winner: Public Writer, Pingyao - China
There is modern workers doing all sorts of cyberwork - stressing their lifes out. And there are workers doing service to the past, doing work that once was important to society - but not aynmore. This challenge is about presenting a worker doing something that is obviously pasttime - out of date. It could be a blacksmith, railroadworkers, miners or women on a field harvesting without any...
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Winners announced: 19th June, 2010 GMT
Winner: International Fleet Review
As many of us can remember it was a time when beautyful Ships was sailing the seven Seas. Try to catch the feeling of the stillness, the windpower or the brute force of the Sea with a sailing ship as the main object. There is a generation that has almost forgot the time when we used "climatesmart" transportation. Show your best pieces.