Shootfest 2010

Challenge series hosted by PixupPlace. Challenges start on Saturdays.
There is never a better time to shoot than now!
Finished (6 challenges)
6. Fall
Entries: 210
Winners announced: 4th December, 2010 GMT
Winner: Burnt Orange
The photos entered in this challenge should have something to do with Fall, the season not falling. Let's see your best shots of the Fall season. Use you imagination! I have opened this up to allow for 5 submissions per entrant!
Entries: 63
Winners announced: 10th July, 2010 GMT
Winner: ..
Show us what you can using the human body as the subject. Be creative as always, shapes, body parts, or full length shots.
Entries: 454
Winners announced: 20th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Lee Point Sunrise
Show us something or someone beautiful.
Entries: 136
Winners announced: 6th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Alpes pics in the mirror
Show us your best shot using reflection as the theme.
Entries: 248
Winners announced: 27th February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Nice dress - shame about the legs!
Show us something really funny that you have captured. You can go back through your archives if you would like, but let's see the funniest photos you have taken. Yes Photos, I am opening this one up to 2 submissions per entrant.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 30th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: Dreaming of a warm fire!
Ok this year has been one of the coldest and snow filled winters on record. It has kept us indoors more than we want to be. So let's see some amazing images captured indoors. Use your imagination and use your editing skills. Be as creative as you want to be.