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Challenge series hosted by Oren Sarid. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
I am delighted to host a series of challenges that runs from A-Z - each challenge will start with one of the alphabet's characters, and I'd like to think there would be some interesting pictures to look at. In general - this series will be based on photos taken specifically for the challenges, but I will be strict on photos following other rules :-) Hope you enjoy this too! Oren
Finished (26 challenges)
Entries: 119
Winners announced: 4th May, 2010 GMT
Winner: Libertad
Pictures taken at the zoo - but differently. I don't want to see just the animals. I want to see the cages, the surroundings, the people visiting the zoo, etc. Have your pictures tell a story. Take the different angle, the extraordinary shot of this commonly visited location.
25. Yawning
Entries: 14
Winners announced: 27th April, 2010 GMT
Winner: Hikab
We're all tired at some point, and yawning people can be found everywhere... Let's see some candid shots of people yawning :-)
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 20th April, 2010 GMT
Winner: X
Usually in a treasure map, but not always, and anyway - those maps are really hard to find. In this challenge I'd like to see a main subject looking like an 'X' or a '+' (in order not rotate and crop the picture). Could be a junction, landmark, etc. Please make sure your subject is large (meaning at least 2 meters or 6 feet).
Entries: 141
Winners announced: 13th April, 2010 GMT
Winner: Bailey on black
Not that I really care what it is - but it should basically fill the frame :-) Shoot any subject you want, but have one very dominant color in it (not the background - the subject!).
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 6th April, 2010 GMT
Winner: Then and now
I'd like to see only vertical shots here, of things that are vertical or very high up in the air (and I'm not talking birds or plains, of course). Preferably shoot looking down :-)
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 30th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Blood red morning
Well, I am a huge U2 fan, especially the stuff from the 80's and early 90's, so I'll tribute this challenge to the band and their concert from 1983. I want to see photos where it seems the sky and/or clouds are on fire. Sunrise/sunset, but not silhouettes... I'd like to see the forground too!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 23rd March, 2010 GMT
Winner: In the shade.
Trees are easy to find, but here I'd like to see only trees that are twisted, with holes in them, tilted by wind or against a slope, etc.
19. Stupidity
Entries: 30
Winners announced: 16th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: This is the only key I have
Yes, unfortunately it's not that hard to find stupidity around us. People are not always that smart, so you can find the wrong signs, you can see people doing stupid things, etc. So let's all enjoy some good laughter...
18. Rotating
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 9th March, 2010 GMT
Winner: Earth Dances
In this challenge you're requested to take pictures of rotating things, in a way that the rotation is visible in the picture (unless it is very very very slow and you can't capture it even with a really long exposure).
17. Quad
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 2nd March, 2010 GMT
Winner: 4 in 1
We've seen challenges for doubles & twins. So, now that quad core CPUs are starting to crawl into your home computers, I'd like to see photos of quadruple items. Not really the four corners of a room, but to have things 4 times in your picture as the main subject. A shamrock with 4 leaves might bring you luck here...
16. Ports
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 23rd February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Container Terminal Waltershof / Port of Hamburg
For all the inland shooters out there - sorry... This challenge is for those living near the sea/ocean... I'd like to see ports, with big ships and cranes.
15. Old cars
Entries: 39
Winners announced: 16th February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Old and older
I really like old cars, I think that even though some modern ones look great, some old designs are simply better. In this challenge I'd like to see old cars, but not in their decaying form - I want those that can still be driven in, but they should be at least 40 years old! I know I may be fooled here, as I'm no expert, so please be honest...
14. Numerous
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 9th February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Rhythm
Numerous as in "many..." or "a lot of...". Of what? Anything you like... Be it fish, stars, animals, grains... Just make sure there's a lot of it. The more the merrier.Try thousands if you can...
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 2nd February, 2010 GMT
Winner: Sunset Walk
Some of us are fortunate enough to live where animals are migrating (or have traveled to see this). In this challenge I'd like to see huge flocks of migrating birds or butterflies, herds of wild animals (like gnu or elk). Since it might not be the season, you can pick from your archive.
12. Luxury
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 26th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: a FANCY DINNER....
Luxury in any interpretation you can think of... Cars, houses, gardens, restaurants... Show us the life of the rich and famous!
11. Knowledge
Entries: 120
Winners announced: 19th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: stepping up the knowledge
Knowledge is virtual by its definition, with no real representation. But show us things you consider as representing knowledge. No examples here, I don't want to influence your creativity...
10. Jump!
Entries: 54
Winners announced: 12th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: Lines
I want to see people in the air: Jumping with or without accessories (like bikes, skates, ski, etc.). It has to be humans, not pets or other animals.
9. Islands
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 5th January, 2010 GMT
Winner: an island of grass on the frosen lake
A dictionary will probably say an island is "a patch of land surrounded by water" or something similar. So that's obvious. But let your imagination go wild here and show us your interpretation of an island in a similar manner ("regular" islands are welcome, of course).
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 29th December, 2009 GMT
Winner: December at Kilauea
It's all about temperature this time. Show us really hot things! P.S. I know the northern hemisphere is getting colder this time of year. That's no excuse! We have a lot of southerners here, and the rest must have something to heat up their houses :-)
Entries: 26
Winners announced: 22nd December, 2009 GMT
Winner: Happy Christmas Gnome
Garden gnomes can be found in many colors and shapes. Some look like the snow-white dwarfs, some look nasty. Let's see your own gnomes, or those you've seen elsewhere and liked.
Entries: 54
Winners announced: 15th December, 2009 GMT
Winner: Misty Morning
Using fishing rods, nets, boats, harpoons, standing in the water, on the rocks or whatever. Someone told me there are 3 things humans like watching more than anything: Water, Fire and... other people working :-) So this challenge combines two of those, go and enjoy it! This challenge will be also happy to see fisherwomen, of course :-)
Entries: 30
Winners announced: 8th December, 2009 GMT
Winner: Atomium Lift Shaft
I guess many of you use them everyday, not paying too much attention to them. So just take the camera and find something interesting there... Anything inside elevators, or the elevator shaft or mechanics - there's got to be something worth taking picture of...
Entries: 90
Winners announced: 1st December, 2009 GMT
Winner: The house of the (nice) witch
Doors. Any doors. Just make sure there's something interesting in them - carvings, paintings, unique handles or locks, colorful contrast, etc.
Entries: 57
Winners announced: 24th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: Melting chocolate
The dark master, as Cosmo Kramer called it. We all love it, we see it often, but not really in these forums... So let's give it a shot :-) Show me some chocolates!
2. Balance
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 17th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: Pebbles
From walking on wires, to your accountant, from kids in the park to the old scales in the market - people want to be balanced. Go out there and find your balance, then come back and show it to the rest of us!
Entries: 150
Winners announced: 10th November, 2009 GMT
Winner: old mill
Show us places of abandoned places. Houses will probably be the most common ones, but try to find other man-made things that were abandoned and started decaying, or that show how humans or animals are missing from. Think "ghost towns" when you search for entries :-)