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Different aspects of the natural environment we live in.
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Submissions start day: 1st December, 2022 GMT
By contrast to my previous 'trees up-close' challenge we are in for something completely different. We know, that nature can create some beautiful sculptures and that includes trees. They have incredible ability to find their way to fit in the environment with their roots or branches. Show us your best captures of trees in bizarre positions, shapes or curves. Only nature shaped positions, no...
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Entries: 49
Winners announced: 24th November, 2022 GMT
Winner: Morning magic.
Challenge is about your impressions of the early morning peacefulness, warm light of the dawn combined with minimalist landscape. The less distractions the better.
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 3rd November, 2022 GMT
Winner: Petrified Wood
This challenge is about close-up pictures of tree elements, be it rings of a tree trunk, details of a tree bark or tree resin trails. All up to your imagination and creativity.
Entries: 57
Winners announced: 20th October, 2022 GMT
Winner: Dewdrop
Share your captures of condensing water vapour on any texture, ie. leaves, wood, etc. Morning dew photography could be very rewarding with the right amount of light and colour.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 13th October, 2022 GMT
Winner: Kananaskis
The summer is over and the fall time is upon us. Warm shades of brown and yellow start to dominate the landscape. Show us your impressions of Fall colours.
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 6th October, 2022 GMT
Winner: On the Catwalk
Time to get truly creative. Wind as such cannot be seen, but it can cause otherwise static objects to float in the air, turn wind turbines, wave the flag, etc. Show us your captures of wind driven objects.
3. Snow
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 29th September, 2022 GMT
Winner: Winter Days
Snow is famously difficult to photograph as it tends to fool the exposure meters of our cameras. Show us your impressions of snow, from snowy vistas down to macro snow flakes, etc. Snow should be a dominant feature in your picture
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 22nd September, 2022 GMT
Winner: P1001293_DxO-2
Show us your best captures of nature's fury, convective build-ups brewing storm.
1. Sand
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 15th September, 2022 GMT
Winner: Sand and Shadows
Whether you are at the beach or the desert those fine mineral particles can create truly magical environment. Add some golden light and you are in for a treat. Show us your best sand captures, be it sand landscapes or close-in macro perspective. Sand should be a dominant feature in your pictures.