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Challenge series hosted by gordonpritchard. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
Challenges to get your creative juices flowing.
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Entries: 63
Winners announced: 11th May, 2022 GMT
Winner: STB_5902 Steamboat Springs Balloon Rodeo
Enter an image that placed within the top 5 or placed first in any previous challenge. You must include a link to the image in the challenge that you placed within the top 5 or placed first.
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 13th April, 2022 GMT
Winner: new day over south florida
Enter an image that placed within the bottom 10 or placed last in any previous challenge.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 23rd March, 2022 GMT
Winner: The Theatre of the Sublime
Read the rules and abide by them. Enter your great SOOC image in this challenge to show that SOOC images are the best and purest form of photography. Any and all in-camera settings are okay as long as the image file is not changed in any way once the shutter button has been pressed to take the picture.
19. 12:34 PM
Entries: 14
Winners announced: 16th March, 2022 GMT
Winner: Exactly at 12:34 PM (GMT)
Enter a photo that was taken at 12:34 PM (GMT) The EXIF data MUST show that the image was taken at 12:34 PM (GMT) You will have to find out what time that is in your local time.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 2nd March, 2022 GMT
Winner: Rainbow Valley
Many people feel that only Straight Out Of Camera is pure photography. Any editing of images (other than removing dust bunnies) is considered to no longer pure photography and is frowned upon. The Challenge: If you are an SOOC enthusiast, show us your best SOOC image.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 16th February, 2022 GMT
Winner: View
While some people think straight out of camera is pure photography others believe processing the image is the way to go. But how much processing is too much? The Challenge: show us a photo that many would consider to be over processed but you think is just perfect for the image.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 9th February, 2022 GMT
Winner: Ruined Temple
Show us a view through a window - looking in or looking out.
15. Sparkle
Entries: 54
Winners announced: 19th January, 2022 GMT
Winner: 52
"Sparkle": To give off sparks, give off or reflect small flashes of light, glitter.
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 5th January, 2022 GMT
Winner: Shadow
Show us a photo where a shadow or shadows are the main subject. The shadow or shadows must dominate the image.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 1st December, 2021 GMT
Winner: You Have To Be Cool.....Like This.
Show us a photo that puts a smile on our face or gives us a chuckle.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 24th November, 2021 GMT
Winner: Wormhole?
What's that object? Show us a photo of an object where we can't tell what it is. Maybe it's a close up? Look at the sample images for guidance.
Entries: 37
Winners announced: 27th October, 2021 GMT
Winner: Werepoodle
Let's see a great shot of a scary monster. Definition of "monster" "A large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature."
Entries: 46
Winners announced: 20th October, 2021 GMT
Winner: Groovy, man
Show us your tripped out vision of psychedelic photography - the eye scrambling head art of the sixties. To misquote Timothy Leary: “Turn on, Tune in, Drop in an image” "To describe externals, you become a scientist. To describe experience, you become an artist."
9. My Pet
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 13th October, 2021 GMT
Winner: Tyson
Let's see a great shot of your pet. Definition of "pet" An animal kept for enjoyment or companionship.
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 22nd September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Teddy
Let's see your creative photo of a child's toy or toys. For this challenge a "child" is a person younger than 18 years of age. And, a "toy" is an object, often a small representation of something familiar, as an animal, person, or machine etc. for children or others to play with - a plaything.
Entries: 15
Winners announced: 8th September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Seiko Quartz
Show us a beautiful photo of a wristwatch. This is the definition of a "wristwatch" "wristwatch | ˈrɪs(t)wɒtʃ | noun a watch worn on a strap round the wrist." To avoid being disqualified, adhere to the challenge desription. If you're unsure about the challenge description - then ask.
Entries: 22
Winners announced: 11th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Vintage Telephone
Are you a collector? Vintage jewelry, dolls, cars, souvenirs, etc. Show us one item from your collection that represents what you collect. BTW - For the sake of clarity... One item is an object. Two items are a pair. Three or more items is a collection, assuming you have them with the intention of collecting them.
Entries: 18
Winners announced: 4th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Mmhhmm, . . .
UFOs (or officially UAPs now) have been very much in the news recently. Show us your best shot of a UFO - you wouldn't fake the shot now would you ;-) ?
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 14th July, 2021 GMT
Winner: Brazilian Tanager!
Complementary colors are pairs of colors which, when combined or mixed, cancel each other out (lose hue) and produce a grey. Complementary colors may also be called "opposite colors". When placed next to each other, in an image, they create the strongest contrast for those two colors. Because of that, the use of complementary color lighting is very popular in dramatic sci-fi movies. Your...
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 7th July, 2021 GMT
Winner: Nobody's home
It could be a factory, a shopping mall, a house, farm equipment, or? Show us the beauty of places, or items, in disrepair, ruins, decrepit, deterioration, crumbling,
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 23rd June, 2021 GMT
Winner: Joe Pie Weed
Begone your cultivars and prized garden blossoms. Here's to the rejected, the spurned, the unwanted. This challenge is to celebrate the common weed. Looked upon as a valueless plant growing wild or an undesirable or troublesome plant especially when it grows profusely where it is not wanted. It's time to reveal their unique beauty through your photographic skills.
Entries: 8
Winners announced: 16th June, 2021 GMT
Winner: Rock, Scissor....-6115
Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. These shapes are "rock" (a closed fist), "paper" (a flat hand), and "scissors" (a fist with the index finger and middle finger extended, forming a V). Playing rock beats a player who has chosen scissors ("rock crushes/breaks scissors"....