Photo Education

Challenge series hosted by wam7, cjf2. Challenges start on Thursdays.
Part of photography is learning what makes a 'good' image and then being able to replicate those learned skills with your camera. The Challenge system is a great place for many to learn those skills but also a place for many to share their experiential knowledge with others.
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Submissions start day: 26th May, 2022 GMT
Either high shutter speed so frozen motion or panned at slow shutter speed so it looks like there is movement though the bike/rider is in focus.
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17. Fountains
Entries: 31
Voting starts: 26th May, 2022 GMT
Let's see images on the subject of Fountains. This can be from small drinking fountains to large display fountains.
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Entries: 38
Votes: 248
Winners announced: 26th May, 2022 GMT
Pictures in the Noire style of street scenes which include one or more human beings which form an important part of the composition but which occupy only a small part ( less than 20%) of the whole image.
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Entries: 50
Winners announced: 19th May, 2022 GMT
Winner: under construction
Interpret the title any way you want but check the basic rules below.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 21st April, 2022 GMT
Winner: IMGP0802
Show us your best images of Lighthouses. Only images that have not been entered in any previous challenges.
13. Canals
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 31st March, 2022 GMT
Winner: Damse Vaart
Show us your best images of Canals. Make sure it is a man made canal and not a river or stream. ONLY IMAGES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ENTERED IN ANY CHALLENGE IN THE PAST YEAR. (It does not have to be the exact image just anything of the same scene/location from yourself is not permitted which was previously entered in the past year)
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 17th March, 2022 GMT
Winner: Danxia Colours
Let's see your best images of colour rich natural landscapes.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 3rd March, 2022 GMT
Winner: DSC_0055-1
Show us your near mirror-like reflections. ONLY IMAGES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ENTERED IN ANY CHALLENGE IN THE PAST YEAR. (It does not have to be the exact image just anything of the same scene/location from yourself is not permitted which was previously entered in the past year) The reflection can include the source or just be the reflection itself.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 17th February, 2022 GMT
Winner: Swan
Show us your best example of a backlit subject which is not in silhouette. You should be shooting into the light but the light source should not be seen in the shot, be that the sun or other source. Make sure it is not a side-lit shot.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 3rd February, 2022 GMT
Winner: Snowy Walk Along the Canal
Submit pictures on the theme of 'winter walks'.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 27th January, 2022 GMT
Winner: Left To Rust
Submit images on the theme of 'Derelict'.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 13th January, 2022 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Submit pictures on the theme of 'new beginnings'.
Entries: 44
Winners announced: 6th January, 2022 GMT
Winner: The Caravan. Heading Home
Submit images on the theme of 'a long journey'.
Entries: 39
Winners announced: 9th December, 2021 GMT
Winner: The rain has finished
Let's see images where two distinct lines dissect each other to form a 'cross' of some kind. This can be a cross similar to a 'X' or '+', the orientation does not matter, just so the lines dissect, preferably at near equal angles (though not mandatory). See the sample images. The 'cross' should form a significant part of the image.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 9th September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Solo
The S-curve is a composition technique that can be used in many different genres of photography, though it is particularly useful for landscape photography. It is a type of leading line which, when used strategically, can greatly enhance your overall composition. Let's see images where an 'S' curve forms a significant and clear part of the composition.
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 12th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Calatrava
One thing about diagonal lines that differentiates it from other composition techniques is that the lines help create movement in the photograph even when your subjects are still. This is a great tip for photographers that want to step outside of perfect compositions yet still create appealing photography compositions with the help of diagonal lines. Enter an image with clearly defined...
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 24th June, 2021 GMT
Winner: Rainier Admirers
Including some foreground interest in a scene is a great way of adding a sense of depth to the scene. Photographs are 2D by nature. Including foreground interest in the frame is one of a number of techniques to give the scene a more 3D feel. Let's see images that have a clear foreground interest and background interest.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 10th June, 2021 GMT
Winner: Enying, hungary
Leading lines are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines that attract a viewer's attention and lead the eye to critical areas in your image. Leading lines are an effective tool for landscape photographers looking to create depth in their photos, and to draw the viewer deeper into the scene