Creatively surprising

Challenge series hosted by paatryk77. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
Of all photography, I love street photo the most: its element of surprise and humour; absurd juxtaposition and fleeting brevity; the lucky strike of those whose eyes were keen enough to spot and frame the unique, decisive moment. Balanced and tasteful post-processing will not go amiss. And as always, befriend light and shadows. If possible, I would like all those elements in the challenges I set. Finally, try framing unposed moments, keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected, and arbitrary.
Finished (10 challenges)
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 23rd February, 2021 GMT
Winner: Mother and Child
Show silhouttes. this must be STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. no portrait, no landscape, ONLY silhouttes of people or animals - Avoid showing facial features.
Entries: 78
Winners announced: 9th February, 2021 GMT
Winner: schooling yellowfin snappers
Show a spontaneous gathering of people or animals. As this is part of the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY series the photo must be of documentary and UNPOSED nature. So, e.g. a shot taken at a birthday party is fine as long as it is not a set up one typically taken for the family album. Use ones taken in the public places, like parks, streets, squares.... try to go for a nice pattern, something funny,...
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 12th January, 2021 GMT
Winner: Working in the Snow
Show a picture taken in difficult or unusual weather conditions. The picture MUST have a human (or animal) element in it. By difficult weather conditions I mean: rainfall or rainstorm, blizzard, strong wind. Show people and/or animals buried in snow, playing, running in heavy snow or rain or wind or a combination of these. REMINDER: This challenge is part of a series about street and...
Entries: 95
Winners announced: 29th December, 2020 GMT
Winner: Into the Light
Show a photo with strong shadows and light, and the contrast between the two. As usual, make it in the spirit of documentary, street photography.
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 8th December, 2020 GMT
Winner: At the Baldeney Lake
The Autumn or Fall, can be a visual orgy for photography. The leaves turn wild red, orange or yellow and it seems the calm parks and forests are on fire. Show your best autumnal photos with these colours - as usual PEOPLE OBLIGATORY in your photos.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 24th November, 2020 GMT
Winner: Djoko5
Show an unposed but INTRIGUING MOMENT. The DECISIVE MOMENT, when things come together beautifully. Show people preferably in action, in a way that clearly shows the frame has caught a fleeting moment, something definitely unstaged. Be creative, be funny, use unusual perspective or light.
Entries: 36
Winners announced: 3rd November, 2020 GMT
Winner: Camel sunset ride
Paint the town red, let your hair down, have a time of your life - call it what you like and show people having fun.
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 20th October, 2020 GMT
Winner: DC Metro 10
Show the hustle and bustle of the Underground, Metro, The Tube, call it what you like. These underground cities present endless opportunities for street photographers. Uncover it all, bring it to light!
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 13th October, 2020 GMT
Winner: Colourful Mirror
Go outside. Shoot and show people in the streets and in the context of their reflections. Be creative! Use this challenge to surprise the viewer.
Entries: 45
Winners announced: 29th September, 2020 GMT
Winner: My new friend
Show a unique moment: surprising, funny, impossible, absurd but a REAL moment. One that would have gone unnoticed and been forgotten if you hadn't taken it with your camera. Follow the principle of Henri Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment: where the light, composition and the people suddenly fall into place and make a perfect street shot.