Totally Transportation

Challenge series hosted by Markle1. Challenges start on Thursdays.
Contests around the broad theme of transportation. This may be photos of vehicles by land, air and sea, transport infrastructure, passengers, drivers and other support workers, freight. Themes may also be further limited by season, day part, weather, activity or capture date.
Finished (29 challenges)
Entries: 58
Winners announced: 14th October, 2021 GMT
Winner: Fiat Cinquecento
Let's see images of Italian brands cars and bikes - from humble family cars and scooters to super cars and superbikes. Classics or modern.
Entries: 38
Winners announced: 30th September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Las Vegas Monorail
Let's see your railway photos of new and modern trains and stations. Let's see the shiny and new.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 23rd September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Pitts S2
Submit your photos of blue vehicles. Cars, trucks, trains, buses, aircraft and anything else as long as it is blue.
Entries: 23
Winners announced: 16th September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Lefkosa Rally North Cyprus
Let's see your photos of extreme sports with a vehicle. Wikipedia gives the following as a guide: Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Extreme skiing, Snowboarding, Parachuting, Wingsuit, Sailing, Gliding, Horse surfing, Skateboarding, Mountain biking, Mountain boarding, BMX racing, Freestyle scootering, Freestyle BMX, Aggressive inline skating, Offshore powerboat racing, Wakeboarding,...
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 9th September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Midnight Playpen
Let's see your best photos of customized cars.
Entries: 78
Winners announced: 2nd September, 2021 GMT
Winner: Working very hard
Post your images on the theme of goods transport. For example: trucks, goods trains, containers, ports, cargo terminals, loading bays, cranes, ships, pipelines, truckers, truck stops, fork lift operators, stevedores, delivery drivers.
Entries: 63
Winners announced: 26th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Mountain lake in the sun
The theme is summer vacation. A wide theme, this can be a landscape, portrait, street photography etc. but must be taken in summer. Please state where the photo was taken.
22. Cruising
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 19th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Cruise Ship in the Gerlach Straits
Post your photos of and taken on cruise ships.
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 12th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Kent Pietsch
Submit your photos of yellow vehicles. Cars, taxis, trucks, diggers, bikes and anything else as long as it is yellow.
20. Racing
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 5th August, 2021 GMT
Winner: Getting down and dirty.
Photos on the theme of racing - This could involve vehicles, animals or just the human body.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 29th July, 2021 GMT
Winner: Early Risers, 737s & a Foggy Misty Morning
Submit your photos taken at at an airport.
Entries: 77
Winners announced: 22nd July, 2021 GMT
Winner: Sunset_Silhouette
Please submit your entries on the them of Steam Railways. This could be steam locomotives / trains or vintage railway infrastructure from the age of steam.
Entries: 64
Winners announced: 15th July, 2021 GMT
Winner: French iconic Citroen 2 CV Car
Post your images of red cars and trucks.
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 21st May, 2020 GMT
Winner: Excavator 3
Post your photos of agricultural and earth moving vehicles, such as tractors, combine harvesters, spreaders, diggers, excavators etc.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 30th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Class 20, 20227 Sherlock Holmes
Submit your photos of locomotives that are not powered by steam. e.g. diesel/oil, gas, electric powered
14. Bridges
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 16th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Sunset on U Bein bridge
Post your images of bridges
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 9th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Submit a photo of a car manufactured before 1950.
Entries: 77
Winners announced: 2nd April, 2020 GMT
Submit your photos taken at a transport museum whether Rail, motor, bike, air, space, nautical or similar museum.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 26th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Post your images of steam locomotives.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 19th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: On The Paris Metro
Post your images on the theme of "Passengers". This is a challenge about people travelling. People should be the main subject either individuals, groups or crowds. Photos of animals are acceptable too.
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 12th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: DEVEL Sixteen - 2017
Post a photograph of a car made since 2000.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 5th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: Baker Street Station
Post your photos of underground subway / metro systems, For example: Trains, stations, escalators, signs, ticket barriers, passengers, staff.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 27th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: It was a rainy night
Post a photo on the theme of road travel after dark. For example, vehicles lit solely by artificial light or moonlight, light trails, moonlit highways, illuminated road signs, gas stations, road bridges, buses, street lights... No dawn/dusk/sunrise/sunset shots with red/orange skies please. "Blue hour" skies are fine.
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 20th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: susuki pan
Post your pictures of competition motorbikes built for racing, trials or any other competition. Ideally in action, but static motorcycles are acceptable.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 13th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: no winner
Black & White shots of anything railway related including trains, stations, passengers, bridges etc.
Entries: 72
Winners announced: 6th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: Gozo Bus
Please submit your photos of the theme of public transit buses. Photographs of modern and vintage public transit buses are acceptable and shots can be internal as well as external.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 30th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: ’59 Ford
Post a picture of a car, van/light truck or pickup truck manufactured between 1950 and 1979.
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 23rd January, 2020 GMT
Winner: no winner
Post your pictures of static railway infrastructure. This could be tracks, stations, bridges, tunnels, signals, engine sheds, signage - anything railway related that does not move.
Entries: 73
Winners announced: 16th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: 2019 Sonoma - 1970 917K - 6
Post your best photo of a vehicle captured during 2019. This could be a train, car, truck, bike, plane, ship or any other form of vehicle (or vehicles) ; on land, sea or in the air; static or in motion.