Light and Form

Challenge series hosted by LaRee. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
We've heard it before, photography is "all about the light". Find the perfect light and you are most the way to a pleasing image. This series will present challenges based on the use of light and form.
Finished (4 challenges)
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 6th October, 2009 GMT
Winner: High noon at Aitutaki lagoon
Everyone knows you should just put your camera away when it is high noon. But what happens when you travel and circumstances prohibit you from returning to an area you may never see again under ideal light? Submit your best photos taken between the hours of 11am and 1pm and show what is possible during these "forbidden" hours.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 29th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: Under the Bridge
Submit a photo taken of Light at Night. This can be a simple city scene or an elaborate concoction of your own lights. Show us something with light and color in the night.
Entries: 247
Winners announced: 15th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: Dandelion Dawn
Use the technique of back lighting to create an interesting image. Just make sure the light source is behind your subject.
Entries: 227
Winners announced: 8th September, 2009 GMT
Winner: under a pergola
Angles often show off shadows and draw us into them. Show us your best photos of angles and shadows. I purposely made this challenge very open and unrestrictive. The way it goes will determine the way the rest of the challenges in this series will unfold.