Landscape Challenges

Challenge series hosted by Pixel Kiss. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
A dedicated Landscape series
Finished (20 challenges)
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 14th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Wildflowers on Hill
Flowers in fields, wildflowers in the hills...Wide angle images only- no close up...
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 7th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Open Road
Minimalism and empty space. Big skies, vast get the drift!
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 31st January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Bombo Quarry
This landscape challenge must contain a saltwater body of water...Ocean, sea or tidal area. Please no rivers or inland lakes
Entries: 28
Winners announced: 24th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Rifugio Locatelli & the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Astro based Landscapes. Stars must be present in the image
Entries: 26
Winners announced: 17th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Close ups on books...Dog eared pages maybe, or the spine of a leather clad book...The worn text on the front cover...Be creative and go Macro
Entries: 32
Winners announced: 10th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Strawberry
Fruit and veggies in Macro
Entries: 31
Winners announced: 3rd January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Malachite
Stones, minerals, crystals etc in Macro.
Entries: 19
Winners announced: 27th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: twist drills
Any tool that is used in general construction. For example, Hammers, Saws, Nail Guns etc. Please, no Mechanics tools as that will come later. Remember this is a macro challenge so I am expecting close ups. Maybe focus on things like saw teeth etc
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 20th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Seeds
Seeds and seedheads in Macro...Simple aye
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 13th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Pencil
Anything used for writing - Pens, Pencils, Typewriters, Keyboards etc
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 6th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: No cards - cash only!
Coins and notes in Macro
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 29th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: The Plug Has Been Pulled
Coffee, Tea, Milk, Oil, Water, etc...who wants a beer?.....even Ice cubes if there is liquid with them!
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 22nd November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Incandescent Bulb
Candles, light bulbs etc..Things that give off light Macro only!
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 15th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Resting in the sun!
Butterflies in flight or standing...but not dead
Entries: 39
Winners announced: 8th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: In The Eye Of the Photographer
Macro shots of body parts (still attached please). Eyes, ears, toes etc etc...Its gotta be Macro. And please, nothing x rated.
Entries: 37
Winners announced: 1st November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Gears
This challenge is a macro of something mechanical, eg watches, car parts, toys etc
Entries: 89
Winners announced: 25th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: A leaf of autumn
Spring leaves, summer leaves, fall leaves or winter leaves. It does not matter what sort of leaves as long as it is macro!
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 18th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Stitch that - macro
Take a well thought out shot of a household object. This challenge is for macro shots only.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 11th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Daylily Stamens
The stamens on a flower.
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 4th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Flys eyes
Bugs and insects. Macro only