Story Teller

Challenge series hosted by Anirut J. Challenges start on Sundays.
Think of it as taking pictures for a documentary or an advertisement. What's the story about the subject. Tell a compelling story through your photos. This series challenges you further by limiting your use of photographic equipment and no (or limited) post processing. Let's get back to the basics of composition, camera control and using the lighting to your advantage. Do it right the first time. Please also tell us the techniques/concept you used to take the picture so we can all learn. Tell us why you chose a certain composition, where/how you metered, lighting control technique, any reflector used, why a certain f-stop, shutter speed or focal length, etc.
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Entries: 40
Winners announced: 11th June, 2017 GMT
Winner: Little green van
Let your picture tell a story about a place where people go to enjoy their meals. It could be a road-side coffee shop, a cafeteria or a restaurant; a burger joint or an ice-cream parlor; a food hawker or a street food stall. Anywhere, just not at home or private parties. Key words are STORY, PLACE, ATMOSPHERE, PEOPLE, MOOD. What is it that you want to convey to the viewer. Please do not submit...