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Challenge series hosted by Frenchfx. Challenges start on Mondays.
Let's see some original and creative ideas in this series.
Announced (1 challenge)
211. Two colors
Submissions start day: 8th June, 2020 GMT
For this challenge I want to see images that have ONLY 2 colors in them.
Open for submissions (1 challenge)
Entries: 38
Voting starts: 8th June, 2020 GMT
Leading lines pave an easy path for our eyes to follow through different elements of an image.
Open for voting (1 challenge)
209. Three
Entries: 100
Votes: 695
Winners announced: 8th June, 2020 GMT
Show us shots with 3 subjects.
Finished (208 challenges)
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 1st June, 2020 GMT
Winner: Toucan
Let's see your shots of colorful birds.
Entries: 86
Winners announced: 25th May, 2020 GMT
Winner: Water drops
No it's not about the J. Geils band song... Capture and freeze something that was in motion. It could be a runner, a race car, a bird in flight etc. High shutter speeds are necessary for this challenge.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 18th May, 2020 GMT
Winner: Reine, Lofoten
Show us a favorite shot of yours.
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 11th May, 2020 GMT
Winner: Pawsome evening
Let's see creative shots of puppies and or kittens.
Entries: 31
Winners announced: 4th May, 2020 GMT
Winner: I have your back
Let's see some true hero's. Police, firefighters, emergency crews etc. This can be in uniform or out, on the scene or not. Also, A BIG thank you to all of them!
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 27th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Literally and figuratively: beautifull and far.
Let's see your best-composed photos. There are many guiding rules for creating a great composition. A few examples are Rule of thirds, golden ratio, symmetry, guiding lines, vanishing point, negative space, tight cropping framing, creative focus, etc. Use any of those tools to perfect your shots.
Entries: 98
Winners announced: 20th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Nepal_2019-1010279
If it takes you somewhere then it works for this challenge. Trains, cars, motorcycles, buses, planes, horse, buggy etc.
201. Bridges
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 13th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Sidney Lanier Bridge
Show us bridges!
200. Stairs
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 6th April, 2020 GMT
Winner: Jantar Mantar Jaipur
Let's see your creative shots of stairs. Any kind will do, inside or outside just make sure stairs are plainly visible in the shot.
199. Balloons
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 30th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: STB_5999 Steamboat Springs 2019
Any type of balloon. Hot air balloon, party long as the image has a balloon in it you are good to go.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 23rd March, 2020 GMT
Winner: Tree and Milky Way
Let's see your tree shots without the leaves.
197. Pets
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 16th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: Milo
We all love to take pictures of our pets, so this challenge is for you pet owners. Let's see your pets. These are pet's that are in your home. The shot doesn't not have to be taken at home but the pet must live there with you. Enjoy this one,
Entries: 52
Winners announced: 9th March, 2020 GMT
Winner: Baron Samedi Rum
Assume you want to sell something and need a high quality image of it. I am betting there will be some amazing shots here so make it good.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 2nd March, 2020 GMT
Winner: Antillean crested hummingbird
Show us images taken with a 1 inch sensored camera. These are point and shoot cameras, many are highly advanced in what they can do and in the right hands can produce very nice images. Here is a very short list of camera's with a 1 inch sensor: Sony RX100,RX10 Canon Powershot G3,G5,G7 Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100,DC-ZS200,FZ1000 Leica V-Lux and many more.....
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 24th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: The Power of the Ocean
For this challenge you need to get low, on the ground or point your camera towards the ground. The image can be taken from a low vantage point or a shot taken pointed towards the ground. Either way the ground must be present.
193. Centered
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 17th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: Final Approach
Let's break some photography rules and put your subject in the center of the frame. This is an open challenge just center it please :-)
192. B&W Barns
Entries: 65
Winners announced: 10th February, 2020 GMT
Winner: Barn B&W (2)
Let's see your barns in b&w. These can be old barns, new barns, dilapidated barns etc.
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 3rd February, 2020 GMT
Winner: Pink trumpet tree
Show us flowering trees. It can be the whole tree or a singled out flower on it.
Entries: 62
Winners announced: 27th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: Harz Schmalspur Bahn
Trains, any size shape or form. Lets' see them.
189. 2019
Entries: 95
Winners announced: 20th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: Quad Bolt Lake Michigan
This is an open challenge, but the shot has to have been taken in 2019.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 13th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Let's see your reflection shots. Rather it be trees on a lake or a bride in the mirror. Anything goes as long as it's reflected.
Entries: 66
Winners announced: 6th January, 2020 GMT
Winner: Great White Pelican
I want to see unedited images only. A crop is allowed and that's it.
Entries: 93
Winners announced: 30th December, 2019 GMT
Winner: European bee-eaters
What's your specialty? Landscapes, macro, portraits, people, still life etc. This is an open topic challenge with each image being the photographers prefered type of photography.
185. Concerts
Entries: 65
Winners announced: 23rd December, 2019 GMT
Winner: Paul McCartney
Show us your best images taken at a concert.
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 16th December, 2019 GMT
Winner: no winner
Show us your best red image. Red must be prominent in the image. Full color only. No B&W with a splash of red. Other colors allowed but make sure red stands out.
Entries: 115
Winners announced: 9th December, 2019 GMT
Winner: Vertical dive
Post an image you took that you are proud of. Anything goes here.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 2nd December, 2019 GMT
Winner: Fly Fisherman
Let's see your best work of people outdoors.
181. Weddings
Entries: 77
Winners announced: 25th November, 2019 GMT
Winner: The Bride
Let's see your best shots of a wedding. Anything to do with the wedding is fine. This could be something like the ring shot, flowers, shoes, dress, and of course the bride and or Groom. *Allowing 2 entries per person in this challenge.
180. Leaves...
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 18th November, 2019 GMT
Winner: Tender leaves
Let's see how creative you can be with leaves. If there is a leaf in the image it's good to go.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 11th November, 2019 GMT
Winner: Pelican
Show us your best using a lens at or greater than 100mm. Compacts, point and shoot cameras are welcome too. Just use 100mm or greater.
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 4th November, 2019 GMT
Winner: DSC_0935
Composite images are made up of two or more photographs, which are combined to create one image. Wow us with your creativity!!
Entries: 96
Winners announced: 28th October, 2019 GMT
Winner: AAAAAA (2)
Let's see B&W images in the style of the famous photographer Ansel Adams. Ansel Easton Adams was a landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black-and-white images of the American West. He helped found Group f/64, an association of photographers advocating "pure" photography which favored sharp focus and the use of the full tonal range of a photograph. Here is a link to...
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 21st October, 2019 GMT
Winner: Red Eyed Tree Frog
This is all about using your flash, ON CAMERA only. It can have any diffuser you like but it has to be on the camera and it must fire. Generally this produces harsher lighting, especially direct flash, so your shot needs to appear like a flash was NOT used at all to win this. Any type of camera and any type of subject works for this challenge. Color or B&W welcome.
Entries: 89
Winners announced: 14th October, 2019 GMT
Winner: Yellow Slicker
Here is what you do. Take a color shot, convert to B&W but leave something in color, this is also called selective color by some. See examples. Also, here is a link on how to do this in PS:
174. One tree
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 7th October, 2019 GMT
Winner: Alentejo
That's it, let's see a single tree shot. I will allow some stray tree's in the image as long as they are not the focus of it. To win this though, it's best to have ONE tree dominate the image.
Entries: 77
Winners announced: 30th September, 2019 GMT
Winner: Lamp
Show us an image that was taken in your home. This can be anything from the inside of your home, to a spider you found on the wall or a nice still life you put together.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 23rd September, 2019 GMT
Winner: Splash
Ok, pressure is on, post the shot you think should win this challenge.
Entries: 125
Winners announced: 16th September, 2019 GMT
Winner: Incoming
Ok, we have all seen more duck shots than we can count. So, to win this one your duck shot's better really stand out. Try different angles, get low, shoot in early morning with fog or sunrise, Capture a cool moment, capture some during sunset. Be creative and have fun. Oh, and Geese shots work too.
Entries: 115
Winners announced: 9th September, 2019 GMT
Winner: Peony
This is NOT a macro only challenge. However, I do want to see flowers the fill roughly 80% of the frame. So, get close and capture their beauty.
169. Driftwood
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 2nd September, 2019 GMT
Winner: Beach, Driftwood & Stars
We have all seen the shots with driftwood in the foreground of a body of water. Let's see yours. For this challenge, driftwood can be anywhere in the image. Also, any size, large or small works.
Entries: 88
Winners announced: 26th August, 2019 GMT
Winner: MKP_Tetons
Let's see who wins. Anything goes here. Post your best work though if you want to win.
Entries: 73
Winners announced: 19th August, 2019 GMT
Winner: Hong Kong Mist
This is for all you out there who have camera's with fixed lenses, i.e. non-interchangeable point and shoot camera's. Show us what you got. Anything goes here as long as you cannot change lenses on your camera, by design. Really anxious to see some shots taken with those massive zoom lenses that are out now on these types of camera's, and some macro work on others. Anything goes though!
Entries: 125
Winners announced: 12th August, 2019 GMT
Winner: Bringing Home the Bacon
Anything goes here. Be creative, have fun.
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 5th August, 2019 GMT
Winner: Milky Way Rising in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
Let's see your creativity at night. These will be outdoor shots taken at night time, after the sun goes down.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 29th July, 2019 GMT
Winner: The Tree
Let's see shots with a lot of negative space, a single object works best here with an off center arrangement and lot's of emptiness around it. See samples for help.
163. Shoes
Entries: 64
Winners announced: 22nd July, 2019 GMT
Winner: shoes
That's it, hoe creative can you be with shoes. Shoes must be a dominant part of the image.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 15th July, 2019 GMT
Winner: Spring Valley Lake
Let's see your creative shots take with shutter speeds of 1 second or less.
Entries: 88
Winners announced: 8th July, 2019 GMT
Winner: 29327593.blackswan_closeup
Let's see your shots with mostly all red and all black. Be creative and have fun.
160. Bokeh
Entries: 115
Winners announced: 1st July, 2019 GMT
Winner: Inverted Autumn
Show us your amazing images with background blur.
159. ISO 3200
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 24th June, 2019 GMT
Winner: Devil's Marbles by starlight
Let's see how well your camera does with ISO of 3200 or greater. Any subject, color, or black and white, just make sure it's at ISO 3200 or greater.
Entries: 82
Winners announced: 17th June, 2019 GMT
Winner: Moby
Let's see what you can do with black and yellow. I am looking for images with dominant black and yellow colors.
Entries: 67
Winners announced: 10th June, 2019 GMT
Winner: Amazon Danboard
Let's see your creative images of a small isolated object. Try not to make it very busy. The small object must be the main point of focus. No insects, animals, or people please.
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 3rd June, 2019 GMT
Winner: Artificial Light
Any shot taken with artificial lighting. This could be flashlight, strobes, flash etc..
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 27th May, 2019 GMT
Winner: Valencia's City of Arts and Science Museum
Let's see your amazing shots of architecture, but only in B&W.
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 20th May, 2019 GMT
Winner: Straumur-Aurora
Show us images where you used a tripod to get them.
Entries: 62
Winners announced: 13th May, 2019 GMT
Winner: Twins In The Sun
Let's see shots taken at a zoo. It can be tough to get a great, yet different type of shot there. Be creative and let's keep this to new entries only, meaning nothing allowed that's been submitted before.
152. Stairs
Entries: 96
Winners announced: 6th May, 2019 GMT
Winner: Stairs
Sounds plain, but let's see the creative juices flow here. Show us some great images of stairs.
Entries: 52
Winners announced: 29th April, 2019 GMT
Winner: I'd like to be under the sea
Looking for images shot with an aperture of f/16 or higher. Any subject works here, just make sure it's at f/16 or higher. Remember, the higher the number the smaller your aperture. So you will want F/16,22,32 etc.. Small apertures are used a lot in landscape work where you want the foreground and background in focus. So, if you want sharp images from front to back up your aperture...
150. Untouched
Entries: 54
Winners announced: 22nd April, 2019 GMT
Winner: Nettle
Anything goes here, it just CANNOT be edited in anyway. Except to reduce size for uploading if you wish to do so.
149. Flightless
Entries: 98
Winners announced: 15th April, 2019 GMT
Winner: great egret in mating plumage
Anything with wings but it cannot be flying.
148. Fisheye
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 8th April, 2019 GMT
Winner: The Heavens Upon His Shoulders
You got it, let's see some fantastic shots taken with a fisheye lens. Any subject, b&w, color, anything goes as long as a fisheye lens was used.
147. Cover shot
Entries: 88
Winners announced: 1st April, 2019 GMT
Winner: Nice river
Think cover shot for a magazine, brochure etc. Anything goes here, just make it something you think would be great for a cover of a magazine, brochure etc. You can even put borders and titles if you want to.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 25th March, 2019 GMT
Winner: Cool blue.
The color blue needs to be dominant here. Any shade, any subject, the image just needs to be about blue.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 18th March, 2019 GMT
Winner: Jazz Hands_
Show us your creativity with a musical instrument(s).
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 11th March, 2019 GMT
Winner: Doorways to Prayer
Let's see some amazing creative door shots. Anything goes as long as it has a door involved. Shooting through the door or getting a great shot of the door. It can be car doors, barn doors, house doors, etc.
143. Postcards
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 4th March, 2019 GMT
Winner: Cerro Fitzroy
Show us an image that would make a great postcard. Any topic will work.
142. Bridges
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 25th February, 2019 GMT
Winner: The Overpass
Let's see bridges!
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 18th February, 2019 GMT
Winner: The sights this window has seen!
Let's see images of windows with some creativity involved. Silhouettes,composite's, sun beams coming through, interesting still life. See examples...
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 11th February, 2019 GMT
Winner: Happy Feet
I am looking for a nice image of an animal that is mostly isolated. I am not wanting to see a busy picture here, just mostly the animal. No humans or other animals. Other objects are ok but they MUST be secondary to the shot. A busy image will get disqualified. See example.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 4th February, 2019 GMT
Winner: Holy Sacrament of Matrimony
This is a B&W challenge with one object in color. So, We want to see a all B&W image with something still in color. Be creative have fun and let's see what you got. Submit something new please, nothing you have entered before.
Entries: 104
Winners announced: 28th January, 2019 GMT
Winner: Catedral Range sunrise 3
Submit anything you want, the only rule is that it had to be taken in 2018. Have fun, be creative.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 21st January, 2019 GMT
Winner: Physallis in a sun beam..
In this challenge I want to see something you setup, staged. Thinking still life, but every piece of the image YOU arranged and or created. If you did not arrange it, then don't submit it. No portraits No landscapes No field of flowers No cars see examples...
Entries: 57
Winners announced: 14th January, 2019 GMT
Winner: Designer David Tupaz | Model Lucia Pe | SFWNY18
Show us people that are all dressed up, in a suit, dress, or whatever you consider, "dressed up". I think fancy, suit and tie, a nice dress, outfit etc.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 7th January, 2019 GMT
Winner: Calgary Central Library
Anything that's made of wood works.
134. Doors
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 31st December, 2018 GMT
Winner: Entrance and Stairway
Let's see your creative shots of doors.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 24th December, 2018 GMT
Winner: Light painting
Light painting, traffic on the highway etc.. Light streaks just needs to be the dominant part of the image.
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 17th December, 2018 GMT
Winner: Girl Reader-8112
I am mainly looking for people reading a book, but a picture of a book will also work. A book must be in the image and a primary focal point of it.
131. Swing
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 10th December, 2018 GMT
Winner: Swinging With The Sunflowers
Show us your creative work with a swing in the image. Someone on a swing or not, could be porch swing, swing set, tire swing etc.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 3rd December, 2018 GMT
Winner: Girl And The Forest
We all love fall colors, let's see what you have for Fall in B&W. This is tougher than you think, as I discovered while edited some of my fall images. The colors are what make them pop, take away the color and you have no pop. So, this to me, is a tougher challenge, but I know I will see some amazing images. Show us your best! ..and if you have tips for this challenge please share.
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 26th November, 2018 GMT
Winner: Pink Champagne
This is anything goes but with creative lighting used. Bounced lighting, studio lighting, off camera lighting, use of a reflector etc.. Also, it would be nice if you would tell us the method of creative lighting you used. How you did it can really help others out.
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 19th November, 2018 GMT
Winner: Japanese Schoolgirls (Kyoto)
Show us someone in a uniform, nurse,military,school,pilot etc..
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 12th November, 2018 GMT
Winner: no winner
Anything shot from behind. Back of a car, people walking away etc.
Entries: 79
Winners announced: 5th November, 2018 GMT
Winner: Arches and Pillars
Show us your creative repeating objects shots.
Entries: 19
Winners announced: 29th October, 2018 GMT
Winner: Yellow Beauty
This is the time to show off your favorite plugin. Any subject matter, just name the plugin used to process the image. This isn't for the primary processing software like Photoshop, it's for the plugin within that you used like NIK, or fractalius etc.
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 22nd October, 2018 GMT
Winner: classic mormon row barn in jackson wy
Any shot taken on a farm. Show us, tractors, hay bales, barns, fields of plants, really any shot taken on a farm will do.
123. Downtown
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 15th October, 2018 GMT
Winner: Dubai
That's it, let's see your images of downtown scenes. Urban landscapes would be great here. Downtown building architecture would also work.
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 8th October, 2018 GMT
Winner: Orchid Spray
Let's see what you can do with a flower in HDR. Anything goes, even if it hurts my eyes.
121. White
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 1st October, 2018 GMT
Winner: svalbard polar bear on ice floe
Looking for a lot of white in an image, no color, shades of light grey are expected and fine. This won't be an easy challenge. So, entry limit is low at 60. However, if it fills fast, I may increase.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 24th September, 2018 GMT
Winner: A smile is worth a thousand words
No matter what IT is, the subject has to dominate the frame. No landscapes here and portraits, well, should be mostly the face. Careful with this one, don't be upset if you get disqualified. Please see examples for help. I am mainly looking for a single subject that takes most of the frame.
119. Curves
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 17th September, 2018 GMT
Winner: Austria Center Vienna
Show us curves.
118. Horse
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 10th September, 2018 GMT
Winner: Rodeo, Santa Barbara, California
That's it, let's see your images of horse(s). The main subject needs to be the horse or horses.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 3rd September, 2018 GMT
Winner: Used to be pink
That's right, NO COLOR, only Florals in B&W. Also, I want to see mostly flower only, not much else.. So no Field of flowers in B&W, the flower MUST dominate the image. See examples.
116. Fences
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 27th August, 2018 GMT
Winner: Guincho Fences
Let's see your best Fence shots. A fence must be a major part of the image. Preferably, it should be the main focus of the image.
115. Seagulls
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 20th August, 2018 GMT
Winner: Splashdown
Let's see a great shot of a sea gull(s), in flight, on the ground, in the water, let's see what you got.
114. B&W trees
Entries: 97
Winners announced: 13th August, 2018 GMT
Winner: Dark Sky and A Tree B&W
Let's see a great B&W image of a tree, or trees. NO color, B&W only. No humans or animals in image.
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 6th August, 2018 GMT
Winner: Arolla - the main slope
That's it, get creative with either something hot or cold.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 30th July, 2018 GMT
Winner: Light Fandango
Looking for artistic shots. This could be a simple shadow, a macro of a flower (not the whole flower), curves on a building, ripples in the sand (but not the whole desert), lines on the ground, see examples for help. I don't want general portraits, landscapes etc. macro would be good for this but not necessary at all.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 23rd July, 2018 GMT
Winner: Wedding dance
This doesn't have to be of the bride, groom or even a person. It could be the shoes, flowers, rings etc. It just must have been taken at a wedding.
110. Baby face
Entries: 27
Winners announced: 16th July, 2018 GMT
Winner: Mia
Yes, literally, let's see a picture of a babies face, (less than 1 year old). A little shoulders showing is fine. See example image for help.
109. Dragonfly
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 9th July, 2018 GMT
Winner: The balancing act
Let's see your dragonfly shots. Up close, or far away.
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 2nd July, 2018 GMT
Winner: My Niece
Looking for heavy shadows, low light, dark style portraits. Make us really have to look at your image to appreciate it. Make use of shadows. I realize this is a very subjective challenge, look at the examples provided for help. If your image is bright and well lit at all it may be disqualified! I would say as long as you have some shadows your good to go. Having a dark background will...
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 25th June, 2018 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Let's see your quality HDR image's. *Warning*, if it's over cooked It may be disqualified.
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 18th June, 2018 GMT
Winner: Sand Trek
Sow us an image YOU took, that's hanging on your, or someones wall. I am not looking for a picture of a picture. Just post your image that you or someone framed, or had a canvas made from it, and hung up.
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 11th June, 2018 GMT
Winner: West Pier Backdrop
Show us a image taken in the rain. It can be, of rain, or just a shot you got while it was raining.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 4th June, 2018 GMT
Winner: Miyajima, Japan
Usually you want clean landscapes free from bridges, signs, roads, people etc. However, for this challenge, show us a landscape with just that, signs of humanity. A road, house, shack, bridge, power lines, sign, something that says we are out here. Still, I want this to be a landscape type shot.
103. Candle(s)
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 28th May, 2018 GMT
Winner: Lighting The way
How creative can you be with a candle, lit, unlit, lighting a scene etc. I expect candle lit scenes, but anxious to see what other creative images you can come up with.
Entries: 82
Winners announced: 21st May, 2018 GMT
Winner: It's time to go
Show us a shot taken through a window. This can be a car window, house window etc. The window doesn't have to be part of the picture, as long as the shot was taken through a window.
101. Backdrops
Entries: 8
Winners announced: 14th May, 2018 GMT
Winner: Coffee and beans
Show us your canvas, vinyl, cloth, paper or other type of backdrop shots. Of course there needs to be a subject, but we are interested in seeing your backdrops here.
Entries: 56
Winners announced: 7th May, 2018 GMT
Winner: Nail-Polish
The image must consist of mostly red and black. I will be a little lenient with other colors, but not very :)
99. In motion
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 30th April, 2018 GMT
Winner: Gallop
Show us an image of something in motion, or that was in motion when you shot it.
Entries: 89
Winners announced: 23rd April, 2018 GMT
Winner: Red Eyed Tree Frog
Show us a macro shot taken outside. Macro lens required for this challenge.
97. Bikes
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 16th April, 2018 GMT
Winner: Bike - Grasstrack Racers
Show us some creative bike shots. Motorized or not. This means that images of both motorcycles and bicycles will work.
96. Deserts
Entries: 37
Winners announced: 9th April, 2018 GMT
Winner: Sand Trek
Sand, cactus, dunes, etc. show us your best desert shot. Not mandatory, but tell us which desert.
Entries: 68
Winners announced: 2nd April, 2018 GMT
Winner: Wildon morgen
Show us fog and water shots. Water and fog must be present in the image, however, If the fog overtakes the water that's fine too. We will just assume and trust that there is water in there also :)
94. Bridges
Entries: 80
Winners announced: 26th March, 2018 GMT
Winner: DJI_0416-Pano-Edit
Let's see your Bridge shots.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 19th March, 2018 GMT
Winner: Rose
Show us your best image of a pink flower.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 12th March, 2018 GMT
Winner: BAB_3065.NEF Ruby Throated Hummingbird
A very tough shot to get, let's see your birds in flight.
Entries: 7
Winners announced: 5th March, 2018 GMT
Winner: Diamond
I have honestly found getting a good diamond shot difficult at times. Let's see your quality diamond shots. This could be a ring, earrings, raw diamonds etc. *Macro lens required for this challenge.
Entries: 13
Winners announced: 26th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Jimmy
We always see the bride shot's, lets focus on the groom this time. Show us a groom shot from a wedding. This needs to be just the groom, no wedding party shots with the groom in them. It's a portrait of the groom challenge.
89. Filters
Entries: 31
Winners announced: 19th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Wet Rocks
Show us an image where a filter was used. Also, please specify the filter used. Post work, or software filters don't count. This has to be a filter you put on the camera at the time of the shot.
Entries: 23
Winners announced: 12th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Winter sunrise
Show us your best image where you used your pop up flash on your camera. Some use it a lot, others only as a last resort. Either way, show us a winning image using it.
87. Colors
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 5th February, 2018 GMT
Winner: Beach Huts
Show us strong colors in an image, multiple colors required. Clashing colors, matching colors, make it colorful :)
Entries: 43
Winners announced: 29th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: RIP Dolores
This is not your typical bokeh challenge. I want to see your killer bokeh shots with lights really blurred out. No mushy backgrounds without lots of lights, Please see sample. Don't get hurt if you are disqualified. I want to see very specific shots similar to the sample.
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 22nd January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Chanuka
Show us your favorite Holiday shot.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 15th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: Sky Over Alvor
Let's see your amazing sky shots.
Entries: 91
Winners announced: 8th January, 2018 GMT
Winner: «Palau de les Arts»
Show us your creativity with a shot taken indoors. Any subject will do.
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 1st January, 2018 GMT
Winner: In the moment....
Show your creative genius with light, only light provided by the window though. NO flash, strobe, lamps. studio lights etc.. I want to see an image shot with window light only.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 25th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Cobbled Streets of Lewes
Any subject matter will do, just make sure you used a fixed lens, i.e. no Zoom lenses.
Entries: 94
Winners announced: 18th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Happy girl!
Let's see your wide angle shots with a 20mm lens or wider. *The lens used needs to be a 20mm or wider! So, a panoramic with a 50mm won't work.
79. Isolated
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 11th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Tiny tree
For this challenge, I want to something that is isolated. One object / subject, with no other distractions. Remember, no clutter in this challenge. Subject material open. Also, and preferably, I would like to see a solid colored background, this isn't necessary as long as your subject really stands out.
Entries: 91
Winners announced: 4th December, 2017 GMT
Winner: Mount Fuji
Show us your landscape with a foreground. Let's show how important a good foreground can be in a landscape., or at least how it can truly add to an image.
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 27th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Sea Fog Sunrise
Show us a single person within a landscape. Something like a person out in the field, standing on the beach, fishing on a lake. I want one person only in the image. Also, the image must be at least 50% landscape. No portraits here or close ups.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 20th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Thailand Sunrise
That's it, show us boats and or ships. Remember this series is about being creative, so get creative please.
Entries: 27
Winners announced: 13th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Three Comrades
Show us people helping people. This can be a nurse or Dr. image, or a teacher helping a student, a coach helping a player etc. get creative and show us something positive. The world could use that right now.
74. Blurry
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 6th November, 2017 GMT
Winner: Trains, Planes and No Automobiles
How can you make something you try to avoid look good? Blur. in photography we try to avoid it, in this challenge though, we want to see it. Show us some Blur! This can be a batter swinging, race car racing, wind blowing something, someone dancing, etc., the image MUST have something significant in it that's blurry or it may be disqualified.
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 30th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Steamy
Step out of your comfort zone. Shoot still life, sports, macro, landscape, cars, portraits, etc. Photograph something you never normally do. This is for NEW images only. Please, take this challenge and run with it. Think of something you haven't tried and go for it.
72. Bling...
Entries: 24
Winners announced: 23rd October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Freeze Time
Show us your Jewelry shots. Rings, watches, necklaces, etc.
Entries: 25
Winners announced: 16th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Green turtle in the shallows
This is for those of you who have under water gear only. Sorry folks, but no aquarium shots here. You must be submerged in water to enter this challenge. I will accept any image that was taken while the camera itself was under water.
Entries: 16
Winners announced: 9th October, 2017 GMT
Winner: Behind The Scenes with Olga Papkovitch
Show us a great shot taken with your flash bounced off something. An explanation would be great too, no necessary. but it could help others if you did explain what / how you achieved your results. This isn't for diffuser's, bouncing off a card, or flip-it diffuser, or something like that. That is not what I am looking for in this challenge. I want a bounce off a wall, ceiling, person,...
69. Vintage
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 2nd October, 2017 GMT
Winner: SE5A
This is more of an editing exercise. Take an image and make it look old. Overlays, borders, vignettes, grain whatever you think makes your image look old and dated go for it.
Entries: 28
Winners announced: 25th September, 2017 GMT
Winner: Forks
Let your creativity flow. Pick out some everyday objects and arrange them for a shot. *I want new images only. The shot has to be taken after the announcement of this challenge. Yes, I know this is basically still life :-)
Entries: 33
Winners announced: 18th September, 2017 GMT
Winner: DSC02353
Show us a shot taken in a studio with studio lights. Soft boxes, umbrellas, etc. are a must here. A home studio works too.
Entries: 91
Winners announced: 11th September, 2017 GMT
Winner: Adrift in the South Wind
Make us wish we were there with an image of yours.
65. Fishing
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 4th September, 2017 GMT
Winner: Fisherman, Inle Lake, Myanmar
Let's see some creative shots of people fishing. This can be with a pole, net, hands etc.
Entries: 99
Winners announced: 28th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Observation
Show us your creative outside shots taken after dark.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 21st August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Florence & the Machine
So, you entered a challenge and you feel that your image was unnoticed, ignored, or should have done better? This is your second chance. Enter an image that did not do very well, one that placed close to last in a challenge. No top 30 placements here.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 14th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Christmas Tree
"Minimalism is a style employed by many 20th Century artists, using a minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line and texture" I don't want to see a busy image in this one. I realize "minimal composition" is very subjective, however, if it appears busy it will be disqualified. So, don't get your feelings hurt if your image doesn't make the cut. KEEP IT SIMPLE!
Entries: 83
Winners announced: 7th August, 2017 GMT
Winner: Surfer
Show us frozen in time actions shots. Fast shutter speeds are a must for this one. I want to see actual images of people doing fast things, but stopped via a fast shutter. Throwing, hitting, kicking, swinging, running, racing etc.
Entries: 74
Winners announced: 31st July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Yellow Albino Burmese Python
Looking for anything yellow with a black background. Would prefer isolated on black but if you can make it look good that works too. Don't get your feelings hurt if it's disqualified though.
59. Fog
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 24th July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Foggy morning
Let's see your foggy \ misty images.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 17th July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Blue green warped lights
Looking for images with blue and green in them.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 10th July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Wine Bomb
Looking for images with a splash of red in them. The red should really stand out. Be careful with your idea of red, a blaring hot orange sun, is NOT red and will be disqualified. Be creative and have fun.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 3rd July, 2017 GMT
Winner: Thinking..
Let's see your creative images shot indoors with natural light only. NO flash.
Entries: 88
Winners announced: 26th June, 2017 GMT
Winner: Blue mood
Impress us with your point and shoot camera. NO Interchangeable lens camera's allowed in this challenge. I have high expectations for this challenge. I hope to see some amazing images. Any subject, color or b&w.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 19th June, 2017 GMT
Winner: 2016-02-13 Water Splash-9273
I am NOT looking for a open water shots. I am looking for water shot in creative ways. This could be a dew shot on a leaf, a water drop hanging on a flower, a splash, etc. Oceans, ponds, Lakes, streams and rivers will be disqualified.
53. Stairs
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 12th June, 2017 GMT
Winner: spiral staircase
That's it, let's see your creative stair shots.
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 5th June, 2017 GMT
Winner: Nogueira
That's it, I want to see images shot at F1.4 or wider.
51. Ice cold
Entries: 73
Winners announced: 29th May, 2017 GMT
Winner: Vestrahorn Frozen Reflection
Let's see how creative you can get with something ice cold. Anything cold will do, it doesn't have to be ice, but ice works.
Entries: 81
Winners announced: 22nd May, 2017 GMT
Winner: Owens Valley Milky Way
Signs are everywhere, ruining images, making them better, telling us what to do, where to go and so on. Show us a nice image, preferably a landscape, with a sign in it.
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 15th May, 2017 GMT
Winner: Indigo Bunting
An image of something blue, the color blue that is. Remember too, blue's complimentary color is orange, so if you can include orange your image will really stand out. *Note, Orange does NOT have to be in the image, it's only a suggestion.
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 8th May, 2017 GMT
Winner: Homemade Mojito. Cheers!
Be creative here. Let's see a favorite drink of yours in a creative way.
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 1st May, 2017 GMT
Winner: Bubbles!
I have been seeing and hearing a lot about LED lighting. So, This creative challenge is different. I want to see creative lighting that is NOT a standard flash, strobe or the sun. Constant on lighting, LED lighting, flashlight, lamp, etc.
46. Fire
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 24th April, 2017 GMT
Winner: Fire Horse
That's it, show us fire, but be safe please!
45. Isolated
Entries: 70
Winners announced: 17th April, 2017 GMT
Winner: Mandala
I want to see a single every day object, isolated against a solid color background. Creativity is a must here, the object needs to catch the eye via angles, lighting etc. and that background needs to be a single color. I know "every day object" is open for interpretation, My thinking are things like a ring, vase, apple, phone, utensils, watch etc. it's pretty open, It just needs to be one...
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 10th April, 2017 GMT
Winner: Ballerina
Simple enough, post an image with a black background. Any subject matter will do, it just better have a 100% black background.
Entries: 86
Winners announced: 3rd April, 2017 GMT
Winner: no winner
Flowers are very colorful and that's usually what grabs our attention. Let's see what you can do if you take away the color.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 27th March, 2017 GMT
Winner: Glass ball on a perforated metal plate _2
Show us circles, anything round will do, it has to be the main subject, it must be round. The sun, a flower, a checker etc...
Entries: 61
Winners announced: 20th March, 2017 GMT
Winner: 5 Seconds in the Moonlight
Let's see your creativity with a long exposure shot, 5 seconds or more is the requirement.
40. Golden
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 13th March, 2017 GMT
Winner: Golden late afternoon sky
The color Gold, how creative can you get with it? Anything will do, it just has to be gold in color and the main subject of the image.
39. Leaves
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 6th March, 2017 GMT
Winner: On the river
How creative can you get with leaves, or just a single leaf? Show us!
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 27th February, 2017 GMT
Winner: Butterfly
I want to see just how creative some people can be. Let's see a macro shot, or a very close up shot, of any subject NOT using a true macro lens. Looking for reversed lenses, clip on macro filters, extension tubes etc. Anything but a true 1:1 or 1:2 macro lens. Close up is subjective, but I may disqualify if it's not close enough. For instance, I don't want to see a face up close, the whole...
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 20th February, 2017 GMT
Winner: Jump
Groups of 5 or more people here. Family style portraits with lots of people can be tough. Let's see your best large group portraits. Remember to this could give other photographers ideas, help newbies with that tough wedding shot of 12 people etc. So, if you have something nice please enter it. I have given this challenge a large entry limit and I am allowing 2 entries per person.
Entries: 89
Winners announced: 13th February, 2017 GMT
Winner: Venice Beach Basketball
Let's see images of people playing games. Football, baseball, basketball, but don't forget, board games, cards, chess, checkers, pin the tail on the donkey like games too.
35. Roads
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 6th February, 2017 GMT
Winner: A monumental sunset
Show us your creativity with roads. A highway, country, city, up close, winding, or any other type of road. Color or B&W.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 30th January, 2017 GMT
Winner: Chase
Any subject matter, just make sure the shot was taken using a tripod.
33. Bridges
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 23rd January, 2017 GMT
Winner: Dundrum
Lets see your bridge shot. Large bridges, small bridges and type of bridge will do.
Entries: 42
Winners announced: 16th January, 2017 GMT
Winner: Bull Rider Being Launched
Looking for an ISO of 6400 or higher. Any subject, color or B&W. Well, we had a challenge for DX camera's now it's FX camera's turn. FX (Full frame) camera's are capable of some fine images at high ISO's, impress us with your image!
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 9th January, 2017 GMT
Winner: Dr. Pax
"a look or intonation expressing personal reaction, feeling, etc." That's it, also open for interpretation. I am thinking things like, happy, sad, excited, funny, scared expressions, but if you interpret it differently, that works too.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 2nd January, 2017 GMT
Winner: Colored Reflection
Show us a black & white image that has a splash of color in it. See examples.
Entries: 93
Winners announced: 26th December, 2016 GMT
Winner: The Spiv
CROP SENSOR (DX) CAMERA's only Let's show them what you can do with any NON full frame (FX) camera at ISO 1600 or more. Subject matter is open. *Make sure it's at ISO 1600 or greater and not a full frame camera. Sorry Full framers, you will get your turn later.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 19th December, 2016 GMT
Winner: Divinity
This all about the 50mm lens. Take a shot with any camera, of any subject, but it has to be taken with a 50mm lens. I know the equivalent for DX, crop sensor, camera's is 35mm, I will accept those and the 25mm in Micro 4\3's. So, FX = 50mm DX = 35mm Micro 4\3 = 25mm
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 12th December, 2016 GMT
Winner: rosé
How creative can you get with glass? let's see shots of glass, windows, wine glass, shot glass, glass vases, etc. pretty much anything with glass.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 5th December, 2016 GMT
Winner: Ship Moon and Stars
Post any picture you want, But your join date has to be this year, 2016. Get creative with your shot. You have a 1 in 71 chance of winning 1st place.
25. Couples
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 28th November, 2016 GMT
Winner: Pelican duo
Plain and simple, let's see shots of couples.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 21st November, 2016 GMT
Winner: P1410484
Let's see shots with red and green, primary and complimentary colors.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 14th November, 2016 GMT
Winner: Azure Kingfisher
Blue being a primary color and orange a complimentary color. Let's see shots with blue and orange and see just how nice the two colors look together.
22. Cut off..
Entries: 71
Winners announced: 7th November, 2016 GMT
Winner: Hungry Eyes
Lets see an image where you have cut off part of it, intentionally, for effect. For example, half a face, a couple's hands, half of a flower. NO head and shoulder portraits for this one, thinking cutting off the lower part of the body is sufficient. Now, this is subjective, and maybe a little confusing, so please see the many examples I have provided.
Entries: 101
Winners announced: 31st October, 2016 GMT
Winner: art appreciation
Lets see the unplanned, un-posed candid's.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 24th October, 2016 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
The Rule of Odds states that images are more appealing when there are an odd number of subjects in the scene. So, Let's see shots with 3, 5, 7,9 etc. subjects. Composition has to be right on with this, Have fun and let the creative juices flow.
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 17th October, 2016 GMT
Winner: no winner
Moody, dark and dramatic. Film noirs tended to use low-key lighting schemes producing stark light/dark contrasts and dramatic shadow patterning. That's what we are looking for here. You can do a search on NOIR and see examples. Subject matter is open.
18. Yummy..
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 10th October, 2016 GMT
Winner: multiple winners
Show us your creative food images. Any kind of food will work. Just be creative and have fun with this one.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 3rd October, 2016 GMT
Winner: New Forest Pony at Denny Wood
Looking for images that lack light. So, a lot of black please.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 26th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: Surface tension
Break the rule of thirds. All you need to do here is submit a image with the subject in the middle of the frame. Any subject will do as long as it's centered.
Entries: 37
Winners announced: 19th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: Cat eyes
*NOT OF A CHAIR - PLEASE READ* Yes, as the title states. Set in your favorite chair and take the shot. I don't care what the subject is, you just have to do it in your favorite chair. This is a chair you set in daily, probably your couch, desk chair, recliner etc. No, you cannot take the chair out of it's normal environment. So plop down and shoot something, this is a real creative...
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 12th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: Fisherman
Silhouettes - the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.
Entries: 88
Winners announced: 5th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: North Lake, Nevada
In general, I know but not always, you need a Foreground, middle ground, and background to make a great landscape shot. Lets see all three in a nice landscape image.
Entries: 69
Winners announced: 29th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Silence
Blown out highlights. Generally that's a bad term in photography, but not always. Show us examples where blown out highlights work to your images advantage.
11. High ISO
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 15th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: 5000ISO
Lets show off our camera's high ISO capabilities. Looking for ISO of 1600 or greater here. Be creative, subject matter is open.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 8th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Big dandelion
Let's see something that would look good for your background on the computer, phone or tablet. Panoramas are welcome because a lot of us have dual monitors. Remember this is a background that Icons will have to be seen on, so, not to busy, is the recommendation.
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 1st August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Big catch
Submit your image that is untouched, no editing done at all. You have to get these shots perfect, in camera.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 25th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Sunlight through dandelion
Any type of light peeking through or around something. The light can be flash, studio, sun, lamp, anything goes, as long as it's obstructed in some way.
Entries: 35
Winners announced: 18th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Flower Fairy
Combine (two or more images) to make a single picture. This one takes a little post work creativity. Take two, or more, images and combine them. All images have to be yours. Replace the background with another, add someone, add an object etc. Let the creative juices flow.
Entries: 21
Winners announced: 11th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Too late for reading
That's it, just a book and eye glasses as the main subject. Lets see what you got. It's going to be tough to stand out in this one, to not look like all the others. It's simple, but to win will take, creative genius.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 4th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Canadian Silver
Silver can be a little tough to shoot. Let's see something silver in color.
Entries: 76
Winners announced: 27th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Moss Point Blue
This one is open to interpretation.
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 20th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: White Hole
White must dominate the image. Shades are allowed, but I want to see lots of white.
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 13th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Post-It_Starburst
Light up a single inanimate object (no humans or animals). Off camera flash is preferred but not required.
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 6th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: On the motives of old Dutch
Still life - The depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. Let's be creative with the subject matter, and lighting.