Your Best Photgraphic Work of Art!

Challenge series hosted by Negative287. Challenges start on Wednesdays.
Just what the title says. Pretty much anything goes! EXIF Data should be included in the image.

Please list lens used in the technical notes if it is not present in your EXIF data (Not required but it would be polite to do so).
*** Previously known as the FT / MFT or MILC challenge but there weren't enough participants to keep the challenge down to just those platforms and people ignored the rules anyway so, I removed the body restrictions.***
Finished (14 challenges)
Entries: 32
Winners announced: 14th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: "Kodak Plus-X 125X Pro"
Whatever image you choose to submit it has to be post processed using your choice of film you wish to emulate. Please include the film type in parenthesis in your title.
Entries: 72
Winners announced: 7th September, 2016 GMT
Winner: A complex personality
Let's move away from traditional and capture either high or low key portraits (Full body portraits count too... Just respect the rules of the site).
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 31st August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Back street
Best use of off camera flash for your portraits.
Entries: 51
Winners announced: 10th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: HDR Portrait
Portraits can be head shots, full body, or just torso so please don't flag somebody because they have more than just the head and shoulders in the image.
Entries: 125
Winners announced: 27th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Criss-Cross Traffic
How would you convey motion in your image?
Entries: 110
Winners announced: 20th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Route 163
Best use of wide open spaces
Entries: 120
Winners announced: 6th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Norwegian Coast
Has to have a lighthouse in the image.
Entries: 72
Winners announced: 29th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Kinderdijk
Best Landscape With at Least One Wind Mill.
Entries: 172
Winners announced: 22nd June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Sunset over the Balkans
I think this is pretty self explanatory.
Entries: 8
Winners announced: 15th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Inspired by a Lauri Blank portrait of woman with violin
See a famous portrait you like? Try to recreate the same lighting and pose on your own. These don't have to be perfect just give it your best shot. Please provide a link to the image you're trying to recreate in your description.
Entries: 272
Winners announced: 8th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Rainbow Bee-eater
There seems to be a lot of birders in the DPReview world so, here's your chance to show your skills you have with the tools you've chosen!
Entries: 62
Winners announced: 1st June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Shadow dancers
Show us the best shot you've taken with dramatic lighting. That's all there is too it, get out there, have fun, and let everyone see how well you do with the tools you've chosen.
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 25th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Angels will cry when it's raining
Looking for your best 4/3 or Micro 4/3 portrait of the Week.
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 18th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Boston sunset
Just a celebration of the Half Film / Half Sensor format the Olympus has made famous over the years! So show me the best image you've captured in the past two weeks!