Simple things that gives us joy

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Come on...At some point of time, some one or the other loves simplicity. This is all about it. In this series, I will put a series of challenges, which will be all about simple things. Rules : No selective colouring No borders No identifying marks, such as watermarks, etc. Be creative, post metaphorical photographs, and if so, justify your photograph, on how it matches with the title.
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Winners announced: 18th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: The joy of escaping
Has it ever been, that you did something for the first time, and you liked it? For an example, try to remember the first time you rode a bicycle, and your heart was filled with joy for the achievement that you had? Or something, anything....But please keep one thing in mind, this is a family friendly site, so please abstain from posting something, that might make others uncomfortable.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 11th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Window Washer
Have you ever looked outside the window, and spotted something, which gave you joy, and you happened to have the camera with you to capture the moment? If so, this challenge is for you to participate. Post such a photograph, and describe it, why you were happy.
Entries: 47
Winners announced: 4th August, 2016 GMT
Winner: Just a Drop
Usually we start our day with some tea/coffee and once we return from our workplace, to get refreshed, we tend to have the same. Post such a photograph, where, you can depict any of these healthy beverages. No hard drinks please.
Entries: 36
Winners announced: 21st July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Wine Collection and Testing
Has it ever happened to you, that after many years, you found some of the collectibles from your old hobby? I remember, last week, while cleaning my attic, I found my old stamp album, and it did bring smile to my face. In this challenge, I am looking forward to see something of that sort. Now, our primary hobby is photography, and everyone knows that. In this challenge, I would prefer to see...
8. #8 Love
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 7th July, 2016 GMT
Winner: Love that Lasts Forever
Welcome to the 8th challenge in the series : Simple things, that give us joy. The theme for this challenge is love. As I know, love is a very simple thing, which gives endless joy. So, depict something like this in the picture. Please take the time to interpret your picture, else that will count as a disqualification. Use any device to take the pic, from a film camera to a cell phone to a...
Entries: 41
Winners announced: 30th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Time for Reflection
Welcome to the 7th challenge from the series : Simple things, that gives us joy. This challenge is all about inspirations, so if you have ever been inspires by an object, a personality, or a moment, that you were fortunate enough to capture, please share the image, and this time, this is mandatory to explain why the picture goes with the title. Entries without explanation will be removed....
Entries: 15
Winners announced: 23rd June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Steam Train in a Caribbean Paradise
Has it ever happened, that you stay miles apart from your loved ones, and a thing or two of their personal use, that you were having, brought back smile to your face? Or something else, which had happy memories? If so, post a picture of things like that, and tell us the story behind it. Description is mandatory, else the images will be removed.
Entries: 59
Winners announced: 9th June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Little June Shower
Has it ever happened, that you went out somewhere, and it started to rain all of a sudden? It did mess up your entire day, but I can say, that it brought you some happiness. Or was it like you were in your room, feeling gloomy, and once the rain started, the smell of the wet soil made you feel better, and you decided to capture the mood of it? If so, enter the challenge with such entries. I...
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Winners announced: 2nd June, 2016 GMT
Winner: Morning walk in Asheville, NC
Have you been so overworked, that you thought of taking a walk across the block to relax a bit? Or has it been 'just like that', that you decided to take a walk? maybe alone? or maybe with a few others? If so, post a pic, that depicts the mood. Mobile phone photography is also welcome, as long as they are relevant to the challenge. Go creative, metaphorical images are welcome, but they have to...
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Winners announced: 26th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: When Lisa looked at Ben.
Post a photograph of a happy candid moment. any metaphors are welcome as along as they are explained, else they will be removed.
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Winners announced: 19th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: A good appetite
Have you ever faced this situation, that it's midnight, and you felt like having an ice cream? Or it was an extremely hot and humid day, and you wanted to beat the heat off with an ice cream? And being hobbyist photographers, we usually carry our camera, and ever keep an account of such small memories. So, in this challenge, i invite the members to post a picture, of someone having an ice cream.
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 12th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Trinidad streets
This is the first challenge from the series : Simple things that gives us joy. Have you ever come across a bunch of street performers, and stood in the crowd to watch their performance? If you have done that, then obviously, this gave you joy. In this series, post photographs related to this. If you want to post something metaphorical, explain your photograph with the title of the challenge....