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Film. Chemical Photography. A recent DPreview poll suggests many DPreview readers are still exposing at least an occasional roll of film. For some it's the preffered way to shoot. This series is all about real film photography. It's not about film vs digital. It's not for Luddites. It's for people who like film.
Finished (7 challenges)
Entries: 53
Winners announced: 27th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Trees in the Mist
This is the last in the current Film series, so what I want to see is photos which represent the reason you still like shooting film! Remember, this series is for chemical photography, film cameras only please! Thanks for the participation, it's been great!
Entries: 23
Winners announced: 20th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Roving Eyes
This time with people or animals, but on film of course. Portraits, groups, crowds, herds....your choice! This contest is strictly for Chemical Photography!
Entries: 31
Winners announced: 13th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Transport Frozen in Time
A film photo that involves transport in some way. Pretty liberal, but of course it MUST be taken with a film camera!
Entries: 54
Winners announced: 6th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Lapland night
Any Foto taken on film that does NOT feature people or animals. Landscapes, Macros, whatever. Just nothing animate and of course ON FILM (Chemical photography) .
Entries: 48
Winners announced: 29th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: Smile Ilford FP4
This is easy, any photo you like as long as it was shot on your Favourite Photographic Film!
Entries: 55
Winners announced: 22nd April, 2016 GMT
Winner: I love a parade
It needn't be classic street photography. It doesn't need to be B&W. But it MUST be taken using a film camera, and it must show a street or other public place like a Market, Railway station, Sports Stadium etc.
Entries: 13
Winners announced: 15th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: no winner
Launched in 2008, Ektar 100 is one of the most modern films on the market. It is also one of the most popular; originally available only in 35mm format, it's success has led to it being made available in medium and large formats as well. The challenge is to show us your best photo shot with Ektar 100!