Creativity With Your Gear

Challenge series hosted by bolesautomotive. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
In this series we will focus around a specific gear setting or function with each challenge. Challenges will state which component of your gear must be locked or set a specific way. The idea is to see how creative our members can be when they are limited to specific settings. Be creative, think outside the box, push your limits and learn from others. Most importantly HAVE FUN!
Finished (9 challenges)
Entries: 20
Winners announced: 31st May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Riihisaari
This weeks challenge is for those who love to use a wide or ultra wide angle lens. The image must be taken with a lens at or below 28mm focal length. NO STITCHED IMAGES or MULTI IMAGE PANORAMAS. USE ONE SHOT to capture all that you can. Step outside and take it all in. Fill the frame with whatever is beautiful around you. Images can be of anything family friendly from the great outdoors...
Entries: 40
Winners announced: 24th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Ferruginous Hawk
ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. Grab that zoom lens and lets see just how far you can reach. For this weeks challenge we want to see what you can do with the farthest reaches of your lens. Images can be of anyone or anything that you have permission to photograph with the limitation that images must be family friendly. Wildlife, architecture, landscapes, people, etc. you name it. Tripods are OK. Give...
Entries: 16
Winners announced: 17th May, 2016 GMT
Hands free shooting. This week we want to see what you can do away from the camera. Step out from behind the camera and be the focus of this weeks challenge. You can use a built in timer, a remote or computer software to trigger your camera. Make it the ultimate selfie or an image of you and others. Please post family friendly images only. You must be in the picture in some way that shows...
Entries: 46
Winners announced: 10th May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Cohen
Whether its from an on-camera flash or studio strobes lets see what you can bring to light. Get creative with lighting in this weeks challenge. You can be dramatic, create something super soft or anything in between. Push yourself to see illuminate things in a different way. Grab your gear and turn on the flash. You can use any type of flash including on and off camera flash as well as...
Entries: 49
Winners announced: 3rd May, 2016 GMT
Winner: Hvitserkur sunrise
ISO 100 or less. That is the limitation of this weeks challenge. Everything else an be changed but your ISO needs to be at or below ISO 100. Take advantage of the darkness created with such low ISO numbers. This can be in a controlled environment like a studio or in the great outdoors. Feel free to photograph any subject you wish as long as it's family friendly. Have fun, be creative and...
Entries: 67
Winners announced: 26th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: Breakingpoint
Create. Take an image, any family friendly image and use it to create something absolutely amazing. No restrictions, no rules, just pure digital control. Create something that will capture the imaginations of others. Be creative and have fun!!!!
Entries: 60
Winners announced: 19th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: Starry Night at Reflection Lake (small)
TAKE YOUR TIME. Lets see those images of things that happened over time. Give us so much that it took some time to capture. Images can be of anything, anywhere, anytime just as long as they are family friendly. Expand you horizons and challenge yourself to produce a single image that tells the tale of time. Be creative and have fun!
Entries: 100
Winners announced: 12th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: Arrow-marked Babblers
Turn the background to mush. This time we are looking for you to get creative with low F stop numbers. You may photograph whatever subject you like (as long as it's family friendly). See how lighting, distance and angle all affect an image produced wide open. There is NO lens limitations. Dig down into your inner artist and give us a breathtaking image. Be creative. Just because your lens...
Entries: 16
Winners announced: 5th April, 2016 GMT
Winner: Sync Flash Cycle Race
Over in a FLASH! This weeks challenge is all about capturing a moment of motion. Use the Rear Curtain Flash Sync mode to produce an image that tells the story of motion. It can be any type of movement from things living or not. Tell us a story within your photograph. Let us feel the power and grace of movement. This challenge series has been created to test your skills with your equipment...