Challenge series hosted by Thomas15. Challenges start on Tuesdays.
This series is all about going the distance, working outside the box, and having fun while being creative. Do something unusual and unexpected! Always do your best job possible when taking pictures and processing them. Always go for quality first. Pictures should tell a story and reflect the individual style of the photographer. This series is meant to take your skills and equipment to the very limits of what is possible. Capture the world in a whole new light. Enjoy what you do and always go the extra mile.
Finished (4 challenges)
Entries: 44
Winners announced: 28th April, 2015 GMT
Winner: Before the Sunset
Take a photograph of anything you like but with an exposure of 15sec or more. Landscapes, cityscapes, etcetera, is the most effective. No portraits, no macro, no night photos please. Go beyond typical and challenge yourself to go for something unique, unusual- something spectacular. Expand your horizons, get creative and have fun!
3. Cold
Entries: 50
Winners announced: 3rd February, 2015 GMT
Winner: Cold - Refrigerated Transport
In this challenge you will demonstrate your photographic ability by capturing an image that conveys an sense of coldness. Not necessaryily cold as a temperature, but cold as lack of emotion and energy. Lack of vibrancy or a cold mood. Submit a photo that highlights other feelings or emotions but has no heart or life to it. Title your work and include a brief description about your photo and...
Entries: 75
Winners announced: 25th November, 2014 GMT
Winner: Volcano effect
This is the challenge where we want to see the best sunset you have photographed. Show us those amazing colorful spreads in the sky. The sunset should accentuate the landscape. It's not just about the color but where you are in the moment. Give a title to your artwork and a brief description that sets the scene. Where were you, who were you with, how you got the shot, etcetera. Give it...
Entries: 96
Winners announced: 18th November, 2014 GMT
Winner: Windmill and Star Trails
Show us your best long night-time exposures. Show us the Milky-Way galaxy or the blurred traffic of a highway. Be creative and have fun. Show the night in a new light. Share your photos that show us the world in a way we have never seen before. Give us your best images of the Night. Every image should show style and gusto from the photographer. Really go for it and give it everything you've got!