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Wild Siesta: Wildlife sleeping Wildlife sleeping, yes they do that too. Fast shutter speeds / fast CAF not always required here! Lets see images of wildlife having a snooze, taking a nanna nap, catching some zzzz's (in the wild and taken by you). Please INCLUDE in the subject or notes section; the SPECIES of wildlife, the general LOCATION (biome/environment/ecosystem) in which the photograph was taken [see sample images]. NO CAPTIVE animals such as in zoos or artificial enclosures. The animals must be "Living Wild", so not domestic animals on a farm. Entries that do not list in the notes/description section Species AND the Location in which the image was taken will be Disqualified [if polite warning to withdraw and re-submit with full information is not heeded].
Starts: Saturday, 02 Jul 2022
Processing rules: Minimal processing. Replacement of any original scene element or addition of non-original elements by any method or technique is not permitted. Full EXIF data must be present, please include full CAMERA and LENS data. No borders, signatures, or watermarks or text of any sort. No frame stacking or stitching. No composite images.
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: The photo must: - show the animals alive, living 'wild', and unrestrained (this does NOT include domestic or farm animals or captive animals such as in zoos or artificial enclosures); - show the animals in their natural environment/ecosystem; - not show any humans, or man made objects/structures (unless they are an unavoidable MINOR background feature of the image and do not dominate it). The photo must be your own original work. Nothing in the entry should identify you as the participant. I request that you do not vote in the challenge if you have entered a submission.
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