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My Best Photo of the Week Did you capture a good quality photo this week, but there's no current and appropriate challenge to display it? Here is your opportunity to show it to us. Please remember that this is a family-friendly site, and enter photos appropriate for everyone to view. By popular request, no photos of cats. Make sure your entry is 1,600px MAXIMUM on its longer side. DPR does NOT resize your photos for you. You need to do this yourself BEFORE you enter a challenge. Entrants with oversize photos will not be invited to re-submit them. Ensure the size is right the first time!
Starts: Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Processing rules: SIZE: Longer side of entry, MAXIMUM 1600 pixels. No glaringly obvious HDR or excessive post-processing. TITLE: Give your entry a title or name, not just a file number. NO personal watermarks, forms of identification, or personal website reference.
Capture date rule: Images must be shot after the announcement date of the challenge
Additional rules: Pictures must contain full EXIF data to verify the correct date of capture. Some software will strip EXIF data during the export stage, or if you 'save for the web' so check the relevant settings in your processing software. Photos accepted in last week's challenge will not be eligible again this week. PLEASE vote for entries, in this or other challenges, and DON'T VOTE LOW SCORES for everyone else's entries, just to increase your score. Sandbagging is unethical and discourteous. Entrants who cheat by sandbagging, vote manipulation, changing the capture date, or with multiple DPR accounts will be banned from all my challenges. Entrants who choose not to vote will be banned for my challenges.
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