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-2020 : Not Winning At All- (in Full Colours Only) 2020 is not only a cursed year, it is THE cursed year. Death arrived with the spring breeze in the form of the invisible coronavirus Covid-19. As humans inhale them, they hijack the body, replicate and drown their host, ravaging them until they drop like flies. Survivors scamper and hide in their homes, overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, phobia and delusion. Their amplified suspicion of fellow human in proximity lead them to get really edgy and sometimes psychotic. Submit an aesthetic, well thought of composition which lends a vision as per what is described in the theme/title. You need one or more adult human(s) as the main subject. For example, it could be an environmental portrait of an armed personnel trying to control the crowd in an edgy lockdown, a shopkeeper trying to attract business in an empty street, or shoppers queuing up nervously while wearing diving goggles. Capture the sentiment and you will win.
Starts: Sunday, 07 Jun 2020
Processing rules: Please restrain yourselves from going overboard with it. No HDR-like shots please No slim panoramas
Capture date rule: Images must be shot after the announcement date of the challenge
Additional rules: No minors (animals, insects, objects etc etc) as the main subject, but ok as a minority prop. Three completely different entries are allowed per member. Any reasonable genre is allowed, except for macros, insects, animals and close-ups. The total entry limit is now set at 58, I might slightly increase the limit if this challenge is well received. Do not submit shots used in previously completed DPReview.com challenges. No political statements please, any photos with the slightest hint of controversial statement or message will be removed without any notice. Shots I find offensive might be removed. Make sure the entries look good and tasteful (at least you must find your own shot tasteful). Complaints might not be entertained after the voting has ended. The host's action (or inaction) is up to him.
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