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Mist and fog The general theme is seven weather conditions. The others are listed here: The others are listed here:https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4325932#forum-post-61739362 When voting, please reward creativity in interpreting the theme, or in the photograph itself.
Starts: Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018
Processing rules: No restrictions. If you don't do much Photoshop, that's fine, but please don't mark down those who do, as a principle. Small, unobtrusive watermarks are allowed, and should not be penalised in voting. Please don’t add any other text. Recommended image size is Facebook standard; 2048 pixels on the long side, but the challenge host (and voters) will tolerate other sizes.
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: You must be the author of the image you enter. If you enter, please vote. If you vote, please vote fairly. The challenge host will decide whether the entry matches the brief and may disqualify any that seem not to. Re-entering an image? It's allowed, but the host may disqualify it at their sole discretion if they think it's stale. Others may complain to the host about images they've seen before. Be original, be creative. I may disqualify some of the weaker entries (to make space for more creative ones) if there are many on a similar theme. Please give the image a title and a description. Put a piece of your own soul into your entry; a simple record of someone else's art is unlikely to attract a high score. Constructive comments welcomed - on any entry - at any time after the challenge has opened for submissions. You may enter two (2) images.
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