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Fear has driven Humans from the dawn of time....It still does! Civilization & comfortable good times (mainly in the Developed Western World) has driven us to mostly hide or avoid the discomfort of fear from our conscious thoughts & everyday interactions. Conscious fear still plays a part in our lives, but in more trivial forms such as "am I liked" or "will I lose my job" etc. Fortunately for us genuine, bone trembling fear is alive & well & living deep inside our subconscious. Without it we just would not be Human. Dig deep. Find, confront & explore your deep seated fears. Draw upon your childhood memories, your dreams, nightmares or real experiences. Produce one image that clearly communicates & illustrates one or more of your most dreaded fears. ** READ THE RULES **
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Eyeball to Eyeball
Attic hiding dark secrets ..... spirits
Crash Landing
Childhood Fears
Necronomicon and the mistake of reading it
Fear the Green
Looking down at Cape Pillar
Witch forest
A meeting in Samarkand
African Rock Python
Fear of Raptors
Fear of the skeleton
I Died And Went To  . . . Where?
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