Let There Be Light, Part 3 (Mixed Lighting)

Challenge #7 in the Photography's Building Blocks series. Hosted by bobcamm.
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The intent of this challenge is to explore the complexities of light and color temperatures, and how our delicate sensors interpret them. This challenge is not for the faint of heart. It will require a working knowledge of light and how our machines were designed to react to it. It requires that we abandon our Auto-White Balance and select a white-balance camera setting manually. (As we remember, when exposed to a film's "emulsion", un-filtered light chose its own path of rendition. We were forced to anticipate, modify, or even craft our eventual result.) What I'm hoping to see in this challenge are deliberately crafted, in-camera images...where two or more different light sources are utilized or applied within the same frame to achieve a desired result.
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Samos abbey, Galicia
San Franisco Night
Mount Hallet Sunrise
Sydney Harbour Bridge
from "flashing light" series
Strike A Pose
Frosty morning
Night lights.
Technology Sunset
I'd like to be under the sea
Spaghetti Road Auckland
Light Sources
Natural Red
Mixed Lighting Cave
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Simple Elegance
Mystic Mushrooms
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