...So What did ya Call It?

Challenge #5 in the Photography's Building Blocks series. Hosted by bobcamm.
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Sometimes it can be fun to apply a title which conveys and certifies the intended message of the photograph's creator directly to the viewer...or least has them thinking in the same direction. The title can be a catchy phrase, a play on words, a popular song lyric, or whatever. This is the time to be creative. Anything goes, as long as the title and the photograph are in harmony. This is actually a "Double Challenge". Both writing AND photography skills will be tested, so those voting should be carefully considering how perfectly the title fits the photo.
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We all cast the same shadow, whatever our color.
Paint your pallette blue and grey
Pop Corn
Forget it, Fred.  I have a headache...
Damned cat...Doesn't want to come out and play!
Top Gun Salute
F....orget those reindeer!!! I am taking a Taxi!!!
Candy Cane
I Could Use A Little Rogaine
Thanks for saving my space
Dad your a goose not an ostrich..
"Didn't I tell you to lay off the margaritas?"
Pine on the moon
Can't be bothered...
What am I doing here?
baa. . . baa. . .
Our favorite holding period is forever. Warren Buffett
Love birds
When you gotta go you gotta go!
Car Wash!
Hey, did you forget this.
Am I really different?
Put a  lid on it!
Are you with me?
Here's looking at you kid
Left on the shelf
“Mirror, mirror, here I stand. Who is the fairest in the land?”
Scratch my head, I scratch yours...
Citrus Self Down... Lemmy Got Cut
So... Are you a Gaysha ?
Natures Braids
Everybody loves a cheetos
I hope nobody finds me
Nollie: Behaving as the wind behaves / No nearer—
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Twist of Lyme
Barn Again
I Feel Pretty
Sally Ride
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