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Most of us are familiar with macro photography and how it reveals details which may not be visible with unaided eyes..... But let's go further. Submit your best photo of a subject which was taken at extremely high magnification. Even the most dull subjects can reveal a wealth of fascinating structures under close scrutiny, so be as creative as you can, and have fun. Please read the rules carefully and refer to the sample images before entering.
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Diatoms in darkfield illumination, 400x, Lomo microscope
Pinus banksiana - leaf xs - 250x
Head with feelers of a small insect
Nikon FM3 micro-prism center spot @ 40x
Sticking Together
Developing Brain
Human bone marrow
A Neuron
Glowing cells
Vulva Tegenaria silvestris
Basmati RICE 20x
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Fly Leg (64x)
Frog Red Blood Cells (320x)
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