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Moon halos occur because of refraction in tiny hexagonal ice crystals in the air. Submit a picture of the moon with a halo surrounding it. The moon could be anywhere in the sky (low in horizon, or straight up). It's allowed if the moon or its halo are partially blocked (by a mountain, a house, etc.) It's preferable that the features of the moon actually show to some degree such that the disk is not simply a monotone blob. The picture could be wide angle or zoom to any degree, as long as the halo is recognizable I do not have a sample picture of my own, but a quick Google image search should give you an idea.
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Sequoia Moon
Moon Halo
full moon with hazy halo
Moon Halo
Super Moon 2013
Moon-bow Halo
Nights Sky
Svaneti at night
full moon Beaumont Quay
Hazy Nights
Close to full moon
Halo Moon
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