-The Cyclist- (Colour shots only + Border + Title watermark)

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Take an outdoors dayshot of the above with one human adult as the main subject together with her/his bicycle/tricycle/e-bike (but not a motorcycle). There can be a pillion rider of any age or species. There can be other cyclist or people around too provided the main subject can clearly and easily be pin-pointed. There must be some degree of face shown for the main subject. Put a Border and include a Watermarked TITLE for your entry. Photo can be taken with any camera, i.e DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Smartphone, etc... Sunset/sunrise shots are acceptable provided the main subject is not a silhouette.
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Steet Biking
Dangerous Goods
Business Biker
Just in case I have a bike!
The Leader of the Pack
Rainy Ride Lisbon April 1966
A relaxing moment
the cyclist
Carrying the Wood
The Cyclist
Morning Ride
Geelong International 2010
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