-Lost in the Rat Race- (BW + Border + Title watermark)

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Take a dayshot or a well lit shot of the above with one (or more) human adult(s) as the main subject. Face is a must. Put a Border and Title Watermark on the photograph itself. Photo can be taken with any camera, i.e DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Smartphone, etc... Sunset/sunrise shots are acceptable provided the main subject(s) doesn't appear to be a silhouette.
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Lost in cyber space
The Optimist
I touch no one and no one touches me. I am a rock. I am an Island
Not selling well
Cost me an arm and a leg
Tired of Waiting
rat race Prague 2013
Urban Drum Kit - Champs Elysees
Who said it was Spring
Skirting Society's Rim
Got a break, not a chair.
Lost in thought.
Little people big city
new york city
Are you sure about that.....
on the Ramblas in Barcelona...
far from the rat race
Stress Time
Lost Soul?
Me And My Harp... Watching The World Go By
Short Break
Homeless Man
L O S T   O F   C O N T A C T   W I T H   R E A L I T Y
Too tired
Rat Race
Newark PD
Away From The Crowd - on the Chesapeake Canal, heading to the bay
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