Rear View #2

Challenge #79 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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This challenge is repeated by request. It's the end of the year, so let's see some end views of insects, spiders and other arthropods. We spend so much time trying to capture the faces and eyes of these creatures that we often overlook their interesting and often colourful abdomens Show us their rear view, (not side or front views.) Macro and close-up shots welcome. The creatures should be outside, on flowers, leaves, flying or sitting around, or just doing what they do best. SIZE: 1,600px MAXIMUM ON LONGER SIDE.
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"Back Off"
The Pollen Baskets
Robber fly.
Back side last
Male Hoverfly
Nursery Web Spider
Bumble Bee on Thistle
The Fruit Fly
Zoom Buzz
covered in pollen
Green Crab Spider
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Rear of a European Wasp
Hover Fly at Work
1,600px MAXIMUM
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