Mimicry in the Insect, Spider & Plant World

Challenge #75 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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In this challenge, show us the clever forms of mimicry that insects, spiders, or other small arthropods use to trick their predators into believing they are unpalatable or dangerous. Some flowers use mimicry to entice pollination. Camouflage is a form of visual mimicry, and clever examples of camouflage will be accepted in the challenge if they are appropriate. (The insect or spider must be camouflaged, not just hiding.) The mimics should be outside, on flowers, leaves, or trees, NOT under artificial conditions. Macro and close-up shots welcome. Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimicry for more information. SIZE: 1,600px MAXIMUM ON LONGER SIDE.
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The Eyes Have It
Pulchifolium Leaf
Dry leaves butterflies
Deadly colour
Thorn Mimic
Butterflies on Bark
I See Bird Poop ..Spider!
Hidden In Clover
Hoverfly looks like a wasp
Couldn't Believe It Isn't Ladybird
Antenna on both ends??
stick insect
Monarch Catepillar
Cricket mimicking a stem
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Wasp-Mimic Bee
Is This a Katydid, or Is This a Leaf?
Is it a Hoverfly or a Bee?
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